Sadly it seems ages ago now that many favourite’s comedy series Scrubs left the screen, and in reality, it has been nine years since the last episode aired on TV. To celebrate and remember the show’s brilliance, we’re doing a little throwback while looking at Scrubs’ most beautiful and well chosen musical moments.

1. Scrubs theme song: Lazlo Bane – Superman

Of course we’re going to start with Scrubs’ catchy theme song, Superman by Lazlo Bane. Not only is it a swinger, it also represents the series well in terms of lyrics. In a world where everybody is doing their best to save lives, no matter how hard you have studied and how well-equipped a nurse or doctor you are, you can’t do it on your own.

2. Season 1: Leroy – Are You Having A Good Time

The makers behind Scrubs made a point of incorporating music into the show, as can be seen in this carefully choreographed musical sequence. In some cases such as these, it does a really good job reinforcing JD’s elaborate fantasies. Unfortunately this feel-good song by Leroy cannot be found on Spotify.

3. Season 2: Colin Hay – Overkill

At the start of season 2, there is a lot of tension between the various employees at Sacred Heart. This tension is wonderfully captured by Colin Hay following JD around in one of his fantasies, playing different bits from his song Overkill.

4. Season 2: Del Amitri – Tell Her This

As we all know, JD and Elliot are the continuous back-and-forth couple of the series. In episode 11 of season 2 Elliot decides this is not their moment. JD’s unspoken feelings towards this are perfectly defined by Del Amitri’s Tell Her This.

5. Season 3: Joshua Radin – Winter

Season 3 showed one of the most heart-breaking scenes in the series, where the light-hearted comedy show takes an unexpected twist to the harsh reality of life. This is precisely what made the show so good: it made you laugh, but at the same time it was always keeping it real. This moment is supported by Joshua Radin’s calm and soft song Winter, a musician whom has been featured multiple times in the show, and is also good friends with main actor Zach Braff.

6. Season 5: The Fray – How To Save A Life

This episode from season 5 is another one that hit us right in the heart. As many patients’ lives are at danger, Dr Cox struggles with saving lives and keeping up his dedicated spirit. The Fray’s heavy How To Save A Life adds extra meaning to this difficult moment as Dr Cox walks away from his profession.

7. Season 8: Death Cab For Cutie – I Follow You Into The Dark

During episode 2 of season 8, the show touches on the inevitable topic of a hospital environment: death. JD and Turk sit with one of the patients, who has just learned the doctors can no longer help him. I Follow You Into The Dark helped make this scene another awful tear-jerker.

8. Season 8: Ted’s band (aka The Blanks) – Carry On My Wayward Son

Ted, the foolish hospital lawyer who seems to fail at everything, finally finds love in season 8. Except this time, the man is real smooth! Together with his a capella group, he brings his love interest a cover of Carry On My Wayward Son.

9. Season 8: Ted (The Blanks) – Hey Ya

Season 8 sees another sweet moment as the hospital staff run off to tropical weather for the janitor’s wedding. During this composition to Ted’s cover of Hey Ya, all couples find romance again.

10. Season 8: Peter Gabriel – The Book Of Love

The Book Of Love is the final song for Scrubs (not counting season 9, which was a webseries). As JD looks into the future, Peter Gabriel sums up the entire feel of the series: a warm bundle of love.