#10 Timshel, Live for Sideshow Alley, 2013

This beauty, Timshel, is a track from the band’s first album Sigh No More (2009). This all-acoustic performance in a Melbourne alley puts the touching lyrics of the song in an even greater light.

#9 Ghosts That We Knew, Live On Letterman, 2012

Mumford & Sons first appeared on US television on Letterman’s show in 2010. In 2012, they came back for more. Ghosts That We Knew┬áis another serene song which guarantees goosebumps.

#8 England @ MTV Unplugged, 2013

During their MTV Unplugged session, Mumford and his Sons performed their own version of The National’s England. Though the original does not involve the use of a banjo (or cello, or kickdrum), it doesn’t sound off at all.

#7 To Darkness with Dharohar Project @ iTunes Festival, 2010

Mumford & Sons like to explore new cultures and music when they’re travelling. At the 2010 iTunes Festival, they shared the stage with the Dharohar Project. Watch as the audience goes wild during this contagiously enthusiastic performance.

#6 White Blank Page, Bookshop Sessions, 2009

Back to the basics: four band members and their acoustic instruments. Marcus’ raw voice adds emotion and life to the song, as do the changes in pace and volume from the entire band. Watch and learn.

#5 The Ghost of Tom Joad & Do Re Mi Medley with Elvis Costello, 2013

No words need to be said about this performance – the video says it all. Here’s Mumford & Sons doing a Bruce Springsteen cover with Costello in the countryside.

#4 The Banjolin Song @ BalconyTV, 2008

Allow us to take you back to 2008, when Mumford & Sons were just a small promising band awaiting their breakthrough. What makes this performance especially unique is Marcus’ obvious and charming shyness. Come along to the Irish balcony with us and enjoy this intimate performance.

#3 Believe @ Reading, 2015

Jumping a few years ahead, we’re now looking at a Reading performance from 2015. After doing the Babel tour (2013) the band decided to take a short break, in which they took their time to rethink their musical values. During that period they came up with a new sound for their next album called Wilder Mind (2015). The band left the acoustic instruments for what they were, and replaced them for a rougher electrical sound. Though the overall sound may be different, the bands’ intentions and passion remain the same.

#2 There Will Be Time, Live in South Africa, 2016

As mentioned before, Mumford & Sons like to take inspiration from their travels and turn those into music. In June 2016 they released their newest treasure, an EP titled Johannesburg. The performance in question is a passionate collaboration with Senegalese singer Baaba Maal.

#1 Dust Bowl Dance @ T in the Park, 2013

To be quite honest, this #1 probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most Mumford & Sons fans. It is beloved by many, and always a thrill to see performed live. Dust Bowl Dance can be found on the band’s first album Sigh No More (2009).


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