#10. Queen of Peace @ Glastonbury 2015
Florence and the Machine at Glastonbury 2015. They played the famous Pyramid Stage. It was their task to fill the cancelled Foo Fighters headline slot and they did it like no one could ever imagine. Florence told the Glastonbury crowd to hug, jump and take of their clothes and they surely did so.

#9. You’ve Got The Love @ Rivolli Ballroom 2012
 The single ‘You’ve Got The Love‘ is a cover of Candi Staton, but Florence and the Machine made a very good version as well. In 2012 they played the song with a beautiful view live on BBC Radio 2.

#8. What Kind Of Man @ Jools Holland (2015)
During ‘What Kind Of Man‘  it’s hard to ignore the passion on Florence’s face. And even in this intimate version at Jools Holland, she knows how to convey that feeling flawlessly. 

# 7. ‘Shake It Out’ @ Saturday Night Live
‘Shake It Out’ was the first single off their second album ‘Ceremonials’. Florence and the Machine appeared  on SNL and it was one of the first times they played this song live this way. What a voice.

#6. What The Water Gave Me  @ Radio City (2012)
Pirouettes, jumping and running across the stage. All of it in a long dress, the way only Florence can. See it for yourself in ‘What The Water Gave Me‘.

#5. Ship To Wreck @ Big Weekend 2015
In 2015, the band released their third album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’. The album included ‘Ship To Wreck‘. In the song all different genres come together; it’s indie, folk, it’s rock, it’s pop, but most of all it sounds very good.

#4. Jackson @ MTV Unplugged (2011)
 In 2011, Florence and the Machine appeared in MTV Unplugged. They played several songs from their first two albums in an intimate and acoustic setting. The performance you definitely need to see, is the one she did together with Josh Homme. The Queens of the Stone Age singer plays the role of Johnny Cash, while Florence Welch drops a great June Carter. This is ‘Jackson‘.

#3. Dog Days Are Over @ Glastonbury 2010
We already saw the headline slot in 2015, but Florence and the Machine played Glastonbury before. In 2010, they took the Other Stage and played a marvelous version of ‘Dog Days Are Over‘. Barefoot, in a special (short) dress, she gets the whole (!) Glastonbury crowd jumping.

#2. Delilah @ Glastonbury 2015
 Back to the Pyramid Stage of Glastonbury, 2015. They also played “Delilah“, a song from their third album, and this performance definitely belongs high in this list.

#1. Spectrum @ Orange Warsaw 2014
Calvin Harris made a remix of the song ‘Spectrum‘, but the song actually sounds best in the original version of Florence and the Machine. In 2014 they played at Orange Warsaw Festival in Poland and this performance is indispensable for this list.

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