Muse is one of the best live acts of the past 20 years. The alternative rock band is a well-oiled machine and their shows are extravagant and spectacular. Here’s our list of 10 must-see live performances of Muse, in no particular order!

#10. Supermassive Black Hole @ I Heart Radio Theatre, 2015

Fans will start a riot when ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ is not on the set list. The single is still the biggest hit they’ve ever had in the UK. It reached the #4 spot in the UK singles chart.


#9. Dead Star @ V Festival, 2008

‘Dead Star’ was recorded and released to promote their upcoming album Absolution. Muse recorded the music video for this song in Winston Churchill’s house in Brighton. The band wrote most of Absolution in the house of the former prime minister.


#8. Assassin @ Mayan, 2015

‘Assassin’ is featured on Muse’s fourth studio album Black Holes and Revelations and on the video game Guitar Hero World Tour.


#7. Hysteria @ Roskilde Festival, 2015

‘Hysteria’ is well known for its intricate bass line. The song was voted #6 of the ‘Best Bass Line Of All Time’ on MusicRadar.


#6. New Born @ Wembley Stadium, 2007

In 2007, Muse re-opened the renovated Wembley Stadium in London and became the first band that sold out the new stadium twice. The band later released a live CD/DVD called HAARP. Bellamy and co were considering entering the stadium with jet packs, but the City Council was very opposed to the idea.


#5. Plug In Baby @ Rock Werchter, 2015

‘Plug In Baby’ is one of Muse’s most notable songs.


#4. Time Is Running Out @ Glastonbury, 2004

After the release of their third studio album Absolution, Muse headlined Glastonbury for the first time. Matt Bellamy called it “the best gig of our lives“, but the evening ended with a tragedy. Dominic Howard’s dad, who was watching the show from the side, collapsed and suffered a heart attack. He died on-site.


#3. Bliss @ Paris, 2002

In 2002, Muse released a compilation album Hullabaloo that included B-sides and several live tracks.

#2. Stockholm Syndrome @ Pinkpop, 2004

What is more rock ‘n roll than to smash your guitar on stage? Smashing over 140 guitars, of course! As a result Matt Bellamy now holds the Guinness World Record for smashing the most guitars on one tour. At Pinkpop, Bellamy decided to take out his anger on Dom Howard’s drum kit instead.


#1. Knights of Cydonia @ Glastonbury, 2010

‘Man With A Harmonica’ from movie classic Once Upon A Time In The West is often used as an interlude for ‘Knights of Cydonia’. The guitar part was inspired by the song ‘Telstar’ from The Tournados. Bellamy’s father was the band’s guitar player.


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