#10 Better Man, Madison Square Garden, 2010

Forget about Eddie Vedder, here’s a whole stadium of people singing along to Pearl Jam’s ‘Better Man’. The singer kindly lets the fans steal the show during their Madison Square Garden concert. A perfect kick-off for this week’s Autoplay!

#9 Black @ MTV Unplugged, 1992

This MTV Unplugged session probably shows the most intimate Pearl Jam performance we have on offer for you this week. Get lost in the lyrics of the band’s beautiful unplugged version of their song ‘Black’.

#8 Even Flow, Immagine in Cornice, 2006

‘Even Flow’ is one of Pearl Jam’s most popular songs – and for good reason. This performance shows us the true hard rock vibe the band is known for, and allows you to show off your best headbanging skills. Enjoy!

#7 Alive @ BBC

‘Alive’ is another hit that cannot be missed from this list, and it happens to be perfect for a intense sing-a-long sessions. Get in a grunge mood with Eddie Vedder and his guitar-shredding bandmates!

#6 Jeremy, Pinkpop, 1992

Our #6 takes place in Landgraaf, The Netherlands. Both band and fans in the audience give their all during this 1992 Pinkpop performance of ‘Jeremy’. Turn the volume up and get lost in this overwhelming and raw track – it will feel as if you were there.

#5 Just Breathe, 2009

We’re moving on from the well-known rough rock sound to a beautiful semi-acoustic ballad. The band is joined by the wonderful sounds of a quartet, which makes for a very touching performance of ‘Just Breathe’.

#4 Daughter / With My Own Two Hands ft. Ben Harper, Madison Square Garden, 2003

Another brilliant duet between band and audience, but this time it also includes a surprise visit from musical wonder Ben Harper. The atmosphere in Madison Square Garden is absolutely perfect and totally worth 10 minutes of your time – please do watch!

#3 Baba O’Riley (The Who cover), Madison Square Garden, 2003

We’re not leaving the Madison Square Garden concert just yet, because who can resist a party like this? Here’s Pearl Jam doing an uplifting cover of The Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’.

#2 Last Kiss

#2 is another cover, in which Pearl Jam brings ‘Last Kiss’ back to life. It’s a song that needs to be listened to carefully, because the lyrics are absolutely heartbreaking.

#1 Oceans @ MTV Unplugged, 1992

And finally, our #1: ‘Oceans’ at MTV Unplugged. Another enchanting acoustic performance, goosebumps guaranteed. Just listen.


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