We know Denmark as the country with the thrilling detective series, but did you know Denmark has lots of talented musicians too? Let us introduce you to 10 amazing Danish acts!

1. Scarlet Pleasure

Scarlet Pleasure have the looks of a slick 90’s boyband, but they make some extremely catchy popsongs. It’s a challenge to sit still! They might be a little hard to understand because of the Danish accents, but no less fun to listen to!

2. Broken Twin

Majke Voss Romme is better known as Broken Twin and she makes intense and sensible songs that go straight to the heart. In 2014 she presented her debut album “May” and while that happened she went on a European tour with bands like Daughtry and James Vincent McMorrow. It’s been quiet around Broken Twin lately, but her debut was so well received, that there definitely will be more!

3. Christopher

He just signed for 4 more years at Warner Music Denmark, so the expectations of this young Danish God are high. Besides a musician, Christopher is also famous as a model, which is totally obvious if you see his blonde locks and clear blue eyes. He has three albums to his name, and all of them were in the top 10 of the charts in Denmark!

4. Hugo Helmig

Sadly, this young man was on the edge of quitting his musical carreer multiple times. Hugo is son of Thomas Helmig, one of Denmarks biggest artists. It made the young musician insecure and very selfconscious. Hugo decided to study a semester of music on a university and he found himself. He signed a record deal, and he is only just starting, but this debut single predicts a rich future!

5. Ida Wenøe

Clash Magazine called her music “bewitching acid folk with a deeply personal edge”, and many other journalists called her ‘magical’. Ida had a lot of succes with her band Boho Dancer, but in 2014 she decided to focus on a solo career. Her songs sound a bit like The Civil Wars, who have the same fairytale sound!


First they were a trio, but after some disagreements they decided to continue as a duo: LIGA! They are hard to find on the internet, but the songs are fun! It’s like a combination of DNCE and Olly Murs, but because of their Danish lyrics they’re very unique!

7. Fallulah

Her parents are professional dancers, so it’s not weird that Fallulah was interested in being an artist from an early age. She decided to dance in New York, but when she returned to Copenhagen, she really wanted to start her musical career. Her single ‘Bridges’ became the most played song on Danish radio in the year it came out. She won award after award and had many tv performances. There’s a new album coming this year and ‘Big Bite’ is a lovely preview!

8. Aura

A song that works for Aura is a song that can be played on the piano or acoustic guitar. You can’t really hear that in ‘Can’t Steal The Music’, but that’s how she starts when she’s writing new songs. Her roots are in folk music, but her newest album contains a lot more pop/dance songs. It makes her internationally more attractive and that’s exactly what she wants.

9. Alex Vargas

He has not lived there for a while, but he is Danish for sure: Alex Vargas! The soulful singer-songwriter knows how to reach his audience and he alternates between the small acoustic songs and the bombastic electric songs. Mysterious and cleverly clean, you can trust Alex with that!

10. Mads Langer

Europe first met Mads Langer in 2009, when he released a cover of ‘You’re Not Alone’, originally from the British band Olive. It’s a happy and more uptempo song, a thing Langer is not used to. How uplifiting his own songs may be in his head, they always come out as typical sad songs. The contrast between this cover and his own songs is so big that it might be the reason we haven’t heard much of him, but he is still very active in music!