10. T.T. – Dança Este Som

Meet R&B singer Tiago Teixeira, better known as T.T.. ‘Dança Este Som’ was his breakthrough hit in 2007. He mixed a classic R&B tune with violin sounds in this track. ‘Dança Este Som’ means as much as ‘Dance To This Sound’ and that’s something you should do while listening to this track.

9. Best Youth – Still Your Girl

Best Youth is a young, upcoming duo from Porto. Their music can be described as dream-/indiepop and they sound very international, so it reminds a bit of The xx. Best Youth sings in English and they just released a new album called ‘Highway Moon’. However, their breakthrough single was ‘Still Your Girl‘.

8. The Gift – Clinic Hope

This is some new music from an ‘older’ band! The bandmembers of The Gift were very young when they started performing together back in 1994. At this time they are a famous Portugese act, known for their eclectic sound and mixing with various genres. Last April they released their new album ‘Altar’. ‘Clinic Hope‘ was the second single of this album.

7. Aurea – Busy (For Me)

She is from Portugal, but singer Aurea normally sings in English. ‘Busy (For Me)’ (2001) was the first single from her debut album. She has a typical soul sound and her voice and music is often compared with Aretha Franklin, Duffy and Amy Winehouse. ‘Busy (For Me)’ became her signature song. Aurea is still a very popular singer in Portugal and besides that she’s a coach on TV show ‘The Voice’. She won the MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Portuguese Act twice.

6. Sam The Kid – Poetas de Karaoke

Sam the Kid is a rapper and producer from Lisbon and he has a big influence on the Portugese hiphop scene. He’s active since 1994. Sam the Kid is known for his extensive use on sampling. In ‘Poetas de Karaoke’ you might hear a sample that sounds a bit like… ABBA?

5. Marta Ren & The Groovelvets – Release Me

Some more great soul & funk music from Portugal! Meet Marta Ren & The Groovelvets. Marta Ren is a true soul spana with an amazing voice and a great, grooving backing band. Marta Ren has been around in the Portugese music scene since the mid 90s with some other projects, but this is the first funk and soul project. With her powerful voice she doesn’t undermine for artists as Aretha Franklin and Sharon Jones.

4. Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)

There is a chance that you already know ‘Kalemba‘ from the band Buraka Som Sistema. This track was used in the soundtrack of FIFA 2010. Buraka Som Sistema was an electronic dance duo who mostly produced dance, kudoro and moombahton music. It’s almost impossible not to dance on their music. In 2016 they gave their last performance for the time being. But this is still a Portuguese sound you should definitely get to know.

3. The Legendary Tigerman – These Boots Are Made For Walking

Paulo Fortado is quite legendary. That’s probably why his artist name is The Legendary Tigerman. He plays blues music in a one-man band. Apart from his voice he also uses his guitar, harmonica and drums. All together! You should definitely get to know this characteristic figure, appearance and voice. ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ is of course a Nancy Sinatra cover, but by hearing this version you’ll understand that you should discover more of this Portuguese artist.

2. Capitão Fausto – Morro Na Praia

This is one of the upcoming bands in Portugal: Capitão Fausto. It’s both new wave and rock music that this band produces. They sing in Portugese so you might not always understand the lyrics, but the sound of the band is amazing.

1. Xutos e Pontapés – A Minha Casinha

Xutos e Pontapés is a rockband from Almeda, Portugal. This band is very popular in Portugal. But really, very popular. Like ‘Rolling Stones popular’. They are active since 1978 and they create mostly rock and punk music. In 2004, then Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio granted the band a state decoration for 25 years of career achievements in the music industry. 

Every Portugese can sing a long with ‘A Minha Casinha‘. On festivals the audience can take over the singing and also during football matches, this song is a very popular anthem. Xutos e Pontapés is indispensable in our list. You want some proof? This is during the Euro 2016 Football match final:

Discover More

This is just a handful of the best-known Portugese acts, but the country has much more music to offer. We’ve put some more music on our Spotify playlist, including some upcoming talents as Mocho and Blame Zeus. Enjoy!

Country Sounds

Music is an international language that everyone can speak and understand. Yet somehow, foreign songs seldom make it to the charts. That’s too bad, because every country has some great local music everybody should discover. Let’s narrow the boundaries and get to know some new ‘Country Sounds’.