10: Peter Gabriel – Heroes

This beautiful, eerie cover of David Bowie’s Heroes was a fitting choice for the series. It was a nice nod to the late mr. Bowie, who then had just past away. This cover holds is own easily, with the vibrant string arrangements and Peter Gabriel’s breathtaking vocal performance. The song perfectly enhanced one of the saddest moments in the series.

9: The Bangles – Hazy Shade Of Winter

Next up is another cover: The Bangles covering Simon & Garfunkel. A more well known cover than the previous track on our last, it’s nowhere close to topping the original, but it was fun hearing it in the series nonetheless.

8: Echo & The Bunnymen – Nocturnal Me

Used in episode 5 was this track by new-wave/psychedelic-revivalists Echo & The Bunnymen. Certainly not the biggest name on this list, but a band highly worth checking out. The album Ocean Rain, where this song comes from, is a great introduction to the band and a great album in general!

7: New Order – Elegia

Here’s a song you might have missed, drowned out by all the other synthesizer epics. An instrumental by the super influential New Order, which sounds as if it were crafted specifically for the show. ‘Elegia’ was actually written for the late Ian Curtis, of Joy Division. The remaining members formed New Order, a band whose legacy is nearly as credible as that of Joy Division. The song comes off sounding like a collaboration between Ennio Morricone and Vangelis.

6: Foreigner – Waiting For A Girl Like You

This one’s a little less artsy. Foreigner, who are known for their no-nonsense (albeit slightly cheesy) synthrock-ballads, do what’s expected of them. No more, no less. But boy, is it a guilty pleasure!

5: Dolly Parton – The Bargain Store

This is one of the older songs on the list. ‘The Bargain Store’ is the title-track from Dolly Parton’s 1975 studio album. Personally, I had never heard this song before and have little knowledge of country music, but I enjoy this song ‘hella’. Dolly Parton’s bright, weeping voice just works really well. It also worked quite well in the show.

4: Joy Division – Atmosphere

One definite thing to say about this track is that has exactly what its title suggests: atmosphere. It was originally an obscure release, but was reissued numerous times after Ian Curtis’s death, to great success. It was chosen as the best Goth song of all time by NME. Joy Division’s dark sound has become such an iconic staple, and it fits well with the show!

3: Toto – Africa

Yeah…how could this song possibly not have been in this list, or in the show for that matter! ‘Africa’ is undoubtedly one of the pivotal synth-pop songs of the 80s. It was a welcome light-hearted moment in the show and is still sure to get everyone dancing.

2: Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

This is the oldest song on our list, dating back the summer of love: June, 1967. This track is not only a hippie-anthem, it has proven itself influential in popculture, time and time again. Remember that scene in ‘Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas’? It was definitely fun to hear in ‘Stranger Things’, but then it’s always fun to hear this one.

1: The Clash – Should A Stay Or Should I Go

The obvious spot for out no. 1 spot is this anthem by British punk-legends The Clash. The song was a reoccuring theme in the series and served as a great plot-device. The show’s great writing matched the great songwriting by The Clash. And that leaves us done, we will be going, but you’re certainly allowed to stay!

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