Love, Simon is probably one of the most relatable love stories of this century, but with a twist. Simon, a boy who likes boys instead of girls, doesn’t want to come out to the whole world yet. Unfortunately, someone else does this for him, and you see how the story unravels. The film is based on the novel Simon vs the Homo Sapiens by Becky Albertalli, and in some countries the film isn’t even released yet. Hear some of the songs that are used in the film and: be aware of spoilers!

#10. The 1975 – Love Me

Who doesn’t love a good song from The 1975? Simon picks up Leah, Nick and Abby as they all head to their high school Creekwood High. That’s where all the misery in Simon’s story starts.


#9. The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset

After a lot of contemplating, Simon decides to send an email to Blue for the very first time. While looking around his room, he listens to the lyrics playing from his record player. He creates a different Gmail account with the name “frommywindow1”, so he doesn’t need to reveal who he really is.


#8. DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak

During the car ride to Bram’s party, an instrumental version of Nobody Speaks is being played in the background. In the meantime, Abby and Nick flirt, and Martin desperately tries to get Abby’s attention since he is crazy for her.


#7. Meghan Trainor – NO

How could you say “NO” to a fun karaoke night? NO right!? We see that Garrett is singing to this very catchy song from Meghan Trainor while Bram takes Simon and Nick over to the bar to get some drinks.


#6. Jack Antonoff & MO – Never Fall In Love

During this song, Abby and Leah dance at the Halloween party. In the meantime Nick, who liked Abby from the beginning and had a crush ever since, tells Simon he wants to ask Abby out.


#5. Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean – As Long As You Love Me

Who doesn’t love a good old Justin Bieber song, where you secretly know all the lyrics to? Bram and Simon pick this song during karaoke after playing a match of beer pong.


#4 Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers – Monster Mash

At one point, Simon suspects that one of his classmates named Bram, is Blue. At the Halloween party, a drunk Simon prepares himself to finally come out to Bram. Unfortunately, Simon walks in on Bram making out with a girl. The song is from 1962, but perfectly fits the feelings in the scene.


#3. Amy Shark – Sink In

Once Simon and Leah arrive back home from Bram’s party, they have a serious conversation in his bedroom. She vaguely talks about how she feels that she is fated to love one person very intensely. Note: the version of this song that is used in the film is sung by Julia Michaels, the original song that is also used on the soundtrack is from Amy Shark.


#2. Troye Sivan – Strawberries & Sigarettes

Simon and Abby talk to each other on the drive home from the Waffle House. Abby tells Simon that she is not sure if she believes in love and decides to ask Simon if he has ever been in love. That night, Simon decides to come out to her and is relieved when she has a positive response. The song used during this clip is from Troye Sivan, a famous YouTuber who is openly gay. He came out in 2013 in one of his videos, so this is the perfect choice for the scene.


#1. Jackson 5 – Someday At Christmas

Even though it’s almost summer now, the scene played while playing this song is very important for the film. During Christmas, Simon and his family sit at the dinner table and this is one of the songs Simon tells Blue to listen to on his vacation. The next morning, Christmas morning, Simon comes out to his parents since his big secret is revealed, thanks to Martin. It’s a surprise for Simon’s parents, but they accept it immediately.