Lady Bird display one of the most relatable stories for and about young adults that has been made on film. The story takes place in 2002 and tells the tale of Christine, aka Lady Bird (portrayed by Saoirse Ronan), who is a senior student at a catholic school. It shows her experiences while growing up and becoming an adult before she sets off for university the next year. Because the film takes place in 2002, we couldn’t expect modern songs, but that doesn’t mean they’ve taken boring ones! Listen to 10 songs that were used in the fantastic film.

#10 Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the Flowers from “The Nutcracker”

In the beginning of the film, Lady Bird is having a discussion with her mother about where she wants to study. While her mother is driving, they get into a huge argument. Lady Bird can’t take it anymore and decides to open the door and “jump” out. She breaks her arm. so therefor she needs a cast. A couple of weeks later, the arm cast is finally removed.

#9 Alanis Morissette – Hand In My Pocket

Lady Bird is always dropped off near her school by her dad. He suggests dropping her off in front of the school, but his daughter refuses saying that “she likes to walk”. Secretly, the reason for her wanting to walk is because she is slightly embarrassed of where she’s from. During her walk to school this song is played in the background and she sees and meets up with her best friend Julie.

#8 Adam Brock – Fred Astair

During this moment, Lady Bird and her then boyfriend Danny decide to go to a party. Together they head to the Thanksgiving party where a band is playing, and the band is playing this song in particular. Later in the film, you find out that the bassist of the band, Kyle, will be another love interest of Lady Bird.

#7 Bone Thugs N Harmony – Crossroads

There is a theatre program at the school, so Lady Bird and her best friend Julie decide to join. There, Lady Bird meets Danny, and they develop a romantic relationship. They celebrate Thanksgiving at his place. Later on at a party, they dance together to the beats of this song. After dancing together, Lady Bird is looking for Danny. She discovers that he is kissing a boy in a bathroom stall. This means the end of their relationship.

 #6 Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River

Lady Bird visits the party of a popular girl named Jenna, who is friends with Kyle who’s also at the party. While Justin is singing in the background, Lady Bird and Kyle have a conversation next to the pool and things get very intimate once they’re inside. The writer and director of the film, Greta Gerwig, even wrote Justin Timberlake a letter. She asked for the permission of using this song and wrote an entire elaboration on why this song is perfect for the film. And really, who doesn’t love an old Justin Timberlake song?!

#5 Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me

 This song by the Dave Matthews band is used twice in the film. The writer of the film describes the two scenes as “a heartbroken, yearning moment of teenage pain”, but also as “the turning point when Lady Bird comes to her own and declares her love for the song and what she actually cares about in life”. It’s a romantic, loving and tender song, and we don’t hear them like this anymore these days.

#4 John Hartford – This Eve Of Parting

Lady Bird doesn’t want to go UC Davis since she feels it’s way too close to home. She would rather go to an East Coast college, even though her mother persists that they can’t afford it. After making a sneaky arrangement with her dad, she applies for a New York college. First, she is put on a waiting list, but later on in the film, she is accepted into the college. This song is played while she is packing her belongings and while she is painting her room. She is now ready to move and become an adult.

#3 Love – Always see your face

Once Lady Bird is in New York, she goes absolutely wild and decides to go to a party. Once there, she has drunk conversations about serious topics, but she is eventually rushed to the hospital after throwing up with this tune in the background. She drank too much alcohol and regrets it. When she eventually leaves the hospital, she goes to church and after the service, she decides to call her mother while using her own name for the first time in years.

#2 Jon Brion – Leaving

Jon Brion created most of the film’s music. This lovely tune can be heard in several scenes. When Lady Bird is on her way to the airport, her mother still refuses to talk to her because she lied about the college decision. She has been ignored to all summer. Her mother drops Lady Bird and her husband off at the airport and drives away. Then she realises she can’t do it and heads back. Once the gets back at the airport and realises her daughter is gone, she starts to cry. The song is also used while Lady bird is explaining how it felt the first time she drove into Sacramento when she had her driver’s license.

#1 The Monkeys – As We Go Along

Last but not least, this song can’t be found in the film, but it can be found in the film trailer. The song gives the perfect vibe for the entire movie. If you haven’t watched Lady Bird yet, you definitely should!