#10 The Beastie Boys – Sabotage

The list starts of with a bang! The Beastie Boys were a hiphop trio originating from New York that started off as a punkband in the 80’s. 1994’s ‘Sabotage’ came from their second album Ill Communication and was an enormous hit. The mix of punk and hiphop makes it a refreshing song in a tracklisting full of rock and metal tracks. It is not the hardest track in the game but still pretty damn fun!

#9 Alice Cooper – School’s Out

Alice Cooper’s classic anti-school anthem is a perfect fit for a ‘Guitar Hero’ game. A large part of the game’s audience were kids and teens that went to school, so the inclusion of the song was basically a no-brainer. The only problem with it is that it is impossible to look as cool as Alice does here while playing it with your fake guitar.

#8 The Strokes – Reptilia

Many players must have been surprised when they first played through ‘Reptilia’. Not because it is a bad song, but because it was released in 2004. The song sounds like some great rock ‘n roll classic that could also have been released in the 60’s. This surprise must not have lasted long however, because players had to concentrate on the song’s great guitar solo!

#7 ZZ Top – La Grange

‘La Grange’ by American blues rock giants ZZ Top is often named as one of the greatest songs to come out of the genre. Its iconic riff and amazing guitar solo make it a perfect pick for a game called ‘Guitar Hero’. Sadly you can’t play the game with these bearded men as your guitarists!

#6 The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

‘Paint it black’ was released in 1966 and thus predates ‘Guitar Hero 3’ by quite a bit. For many millenials however the song’s inclusion in the game was their first introduction to The Stones. Good thing they chose one of the best singles the band ever released. It is classic rock ‘n roll at its finest and definitely does right by the title ‘Legends of Rock’.

#5 Metallica – One

Thrash metal legends Metallica had not been included in a ‘Guitar Hero’ game before, which is notable to say the least. That said, the inclusion of ‘One’ makes more than up for it. This song was particularly challenging not because of the number of notes but because the precision required to play them. The songs length did not help either, and the guitar solo still haunts me to this day.

#4 Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Black Sabbath is often considered the first real heavy metal band ever. ‘Paranoid’ was the title track from their second album, released in 1970. Although it’s not as hard hitting as many tracks on this list, it is an absolute classic and a great song. The guitar track may not be very flashy, but it emulates the feeling of being a rythm guitarist perfectly.

#3 Muse – Knights Of Cydonia

Muse were already very well known before they were featured in ‘Guitar Hero’, but this inclusion was an enormous boost to the popularity of their 6-minute epic single ‘Knights of Cydonia’. The dramatic song has a great guitar solo, over the top lyrics and a rocking groove,. What more could you ask for?

#2 Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast

‘The Number Of The Beast’ is considered by many to be one of the best metal tracks ever and for good reason. It was the title track from Iron Maiden’s Third album that cemented them as one of the greatest metal bands of all time. It features great guitar work, dark lyrics and killer vocals. In our opinion no track on this list makes you feel as much like a metal guitarist, except maybe the next one…

#1 Dragonforce – Through The Fire And The Flames

Dragonforce’s ‘Throught The Fire And The Flames’ was not a very well known song. When featured in ‘Guitar Hero 3’ however, it became the most notorious extra in ‘Guitar Hero’ for a number of reasons. Firstly because it was a great metal tune. Secondly because it was very challenging even on the lower difficulties because of its speed and length. Lastly because of the many crazy performances of this song that can be found on the internet, some on 200% or even 300% speeds. It was the ultimate challenge for anyone wanting to prove they were the best, and still lives on as the best song you know from Guitar Hero 3.