Last Thursday, we hosted a Gorillaz Fan Party. Amongst many other things, producer Trey Reames came to talk about his time working with Gorillaz and Damon Albarn. He also told us 4 reasons why you should go and see Gorillaz live this summer. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on those.

Gorillaz is one of the main acts of this summer. The best virtual band in the world is playing big festivals all over Europe in the coming months, including the Sziget Festival in Hungary. These are 4 reasons why you should definitely go to one of these gigs.

1. It’s not just Gorillaz: there’s so many guest appearances

Although the new album will mainly feature just Damon Albarn’s vocals, Gorillaz stands famous for collaborating with a lot of other artists on their albums. The best thing is: they take those artists on tour as well! And it’s not just small names: recent shows featured performances by Da La Soul and Bootie Brown. Trey hopes Snoop Dogg will make an appearance.

2. The visuals of a Gorillaz show are just stunning

The live band of Gorillaz is one aspect, but the band is so much more. The four fictional cartoon-characters each have their own story. That story is being told during the live shows as well. So expect a big – or better: a huge! – screen right behind the musicians, where you can follow everything on 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russell. Maybe you’ll find out what happened with Murdoc, since he’s in jail. Currently, bass player Ace is covering up for Murdoc. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly forgetting that you’re at a live concert, because you are following all the amazing visual story lines on screen!

3. A 2018-Gorillaz show is so much different than an earlier one

Trey told the fans present that earlier, Gorillaz only played a few shows at one location. That way, it was a lot more easier to get all the collaborating artists at the show. Only since the last album, Gorillaz started doing world tours. That, of course, came with a lot of changes: their live shows is now a lot more dynamic and really has the power to conquer all the big festival fields of the world.

4. The setlist is perfect this tour

Gorillaz Setlist Rock am Ring 2018 2018, The Now Now Tour

In two weeks, Gorillaz will release their sixth studio album The Now Now. With that, the virtual band finally has almost 2 hours of hit material. Although “Damon Albarn will probably just want to play the new stuff”, according to Trey, they will bring all the big hits to the festival sites. If you’re going, you’re in for a treat.

Convinced? Gorillaz play Sziget Festival on Thursday, August 9. Find out their full live schedule here