Stockholm the city of Spotify, Aviici, ABBA and Quentin Tarantino’s favorite record store. The capitol of Sweden has a lot to offer; from the bustling nightlife scene to big venues and festivals where world’s biggest artists perform. Here’s our top 6 of musical hotspots in Stockholm!


#6. Snickars Records

Looking for the best (secondhand) disco, hiphop, fun, techno or house vinyl records? Snickars Records in Södermalm is the place to be!

Snickars Recors / Hökensgata 11, Stockholm


#5. Huset Under Bron

Stockholm has a bustling nightlife scene. Feel like dancing the night away? Under Bron is one of Stockholm’s best techno/house clubs. You might have to wait in line to enter. During the summer Under Bron also hosts events outside the old woodhouse, Trädgärden.

Huset Under Bron / Hammarby Skussväg Katarina 2, Stockholm


#4. Scenkonst museet (Swedish Museum of Performing Arts)

The Scenkonst museet is a fun and interactive museum for the performing arts (dance, theatre and music). You can also find the Swedish Hall of Fame in the museum, a gallery with every (famous) Swedish musician from the past century.


#3. Pet Sounds

The southern island Södermalm is a vibrant place with trendy shops, cafes and restaurants. Another hidden gem in this district is Pet Sounds, where you can dig in the crates for the best vinyl records. Oh, and it’s one of the favorite record stores of Quentin Tarantino!

Pet Sounds / Skånegatan 52, Stockholm


#2. ABBA The Museum

ABBA Museum Stockholm - Vienthi Metiary

Stockholm and ABBA are like salt and pepper. The Swedish band were extremely popular back in the 70s, so no wonder why they have their own museum. And the ABBA museum shop is the perfect place to buy souvenirs!

ABBA museum / Djurgårdsvägen 68, Stockholm


#1. Kungliga Operan

Royal Opera House StockholmThe Royal Opera House, Kungliga Operan, is the place to be for opera and classical music fans. Well-known orchestras and artists from all over the world perform on stage of this majestic building. Not an opera or classical music fan? Make sure you take a guided tour, the interior is breathtaking!

Kungliga Operan / Gustavs Adolgs torg 2, Stockholm