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We Speak Music is an international platform for music fans. We connect music lovers by hosting offline events where fans can meet likeminded and commonly enjoy their passion. Online we tell inspiring stories about their idols, which makes We Speak Music a lively community for all music fans, around the clock.

This page lists a few of our events from the past.

Popquiz For Fans

We Speak Music hosts popquizzes for fans. These quizzes are specifically about 1 artist, genre or event so fans of that subject can gather. For example, we organized the ‘Pink-Popquiz’ just after the Pinkpop press conference in February 2018 (see video above). Two months later, we hosted a Prince Popquiz on the second anniversary of Prince’s death.

Fan Podcast

In the We Speak Music Fan Podcast, host Micha van Hoorn talks with music fans about their favorite artists or music. Fans have one hour to make a statement why everyone should be a fan of their passion. They get to explain this by giving 3 reasons. Hearing fans talk about their idols is an amazing way to discover new musical insights, so sit back and enjoy!

Mind you: our podcasts are in Dutch only.

Listen to our podcasts

Fan Quiz

‘Fan Quiz’ is an race in which we search for the biggest fans of one artist. Contestants get to answer some very hard multiple choice questions. One mistake? You’re out! The last one standing gets to call him- or herself a ‘True Fan’. He/she will be immortalized in our hall of fame at wespeakmusic.tv/truefans and receive a cool prize.

We organized the Editors Fan Quiz in collaboration with Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome in March 2018. See the video above for an impression.

Music Bingo

Music Bingo! That’s a game of old-fashioned bingo, without balls but with some very good music. On your bingo card you find song titles, as well as cryptic descriptions and band logos. Do you hear one of the songs being played? Get your pen out and cross it off! When you have a bingo, there’s obviously some very amazing prizes for you to collect.

Listening Parties

In the end, there’s only one thing fans get truly excited about and that’s the music itself. That’s why we celebrate new album releases with We Speak Music Listening Parties. On a release date, we invite fans to listen to the new tunes for the first time commonly. Now thát’s a way to experience a new album.

Concert Podcast

In the Concert Podcast, fans look back on concerts they just went to. You get a concert review by the most enthusiastic, but also the most critical, concert goers: an artist’s own fans.

Listen to our podcasts

Want to help us make We Speak Music a success?

Please do! We are also looking for enthusiasts to join our voluntarily team. You get to write inspiring stories for our websites or can help us organizing or promoting events. Any interest? Please feel free to reach out to us through the contact form!

For businesses

We Speak Music reaches an online audience of 15,000 unique visitors per month and has more than 8,000 likes on Facebook. Besides, we have a great deal of experience in creative development and hosting events. Would you like to connect your brand or company to We Speak Music? Please feel free to reach out to us through the contact form!