The case has been going on since 2014, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. The legal battle between singer Kesha and producer Dr. Luke is still going on as we speak. The singer’s latest attempt to get out of her contract was struck down on Tuesday  May 29.

We know Kesha from her fun songs like “Tik-Tok”, “Your Love Is My Drug”, and “Die Young”. In the meantime, all the fun has dissapeared with this legal battle. If you don’t remember exactly what happened, here’s a short recap. In the year 2014, Kesha sued her producer Dr. Luke. The singer said that she was sexually, emotionally and physically abused to the point where she nearly lost her own life. She wanted to get out of all of her contracts so she could stop collaborating with Dr. Luke. This turned out to be impossible. She was allowed to make a new album without having to collaborate with Dr Luke, but she is still tied up with Kemosabe Records. This means he still receives all the profits.

Now in 2018, Kesha’s latest attempt to escape her contract with Dr. Luke has failed. The singer attempted to appeal the court’s decision from March 2017 that prevented her from filing a countersuit against the producer. The appeal was denied. It is yet another setback for the singer who’s been trying to get out of the contract for 4 years now. She says: “You can get a divorce from an abusive spouse, you can dissolve a partnership if the relationship becomes irreconcilable. The same opportunity — to be liberated from the physical, emotional, and financial bondage of a destructive relationship — should be available to a recording artist.”

She still has a contract with Kemosabe Records. With this current contract, Kesha is obliged to make three more albums with Dr. Luke’s company.