Mix a touch of R&B, eighties and a lot of cliches and what you get is too good to be true. Newsflash: it exists in the form of the Danish band Scarlet Pleasure and we can’t wait for the world to get to know them!

I. Windy

In 2014 the world is introduced to Scarlet Pleasure for the first time. Before this, the band spent their formative years in New York City. Though their first released music was featured on Perezhilton.com, the Danish trio soon find out how difficult it is to break through in the USA. They decide to head back to their homeland, where ‘Windy’ becomes their first single and lands on 26 in the Danish charts.

II. Platinum Single

It’s all going very well for Joachim, Emil and Alexander! After the release of ‘Windy’, they gain a lot of fans in Denmark, and their first ever concert sells out in just a few days. A little over a year later, we mark the real breakthrough for Scarlet Pleasure. ‘Heat’ becomes a platinum single! The accompanying video contains references to Michael Jackson, but also to boybands like Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.

III. Limbo

It’s really hard to get your hands on physical Scarlet Pleasure material. There’s no merchandise and only an extremely limited amount of vinyl. They respond to the current market, and why not? Their online fanbase is growing and growing. Limbo is the name of their second EP and is released in 2017.

IV. Group Of The Year

2017 became a special year for the three Danes. EP Limbo was released just like their EP Lagune, featuring the single ‘Unreliable’. At the Danish Music Awards they received awards for song of the year (for Deja Vu)  and for Danish group of the year. They became one of the biggest live bands of the country and played shows for 7,000 people.

V. World domination is next on the agenda

2018 started as big as 2017 ended. Scarlet Pleasure spent some time in America, presumably to write new songs like ‘Let Go’, ‘Superpower’ and ‘Mind’. Their tracks are quickly released online after recording. How nice is that! In January they played the big Eurosonic Festival in The Netherlands, a place where the biggest new European acts are showcased for the music industry and other festival guests. It might not go very fast yet, but slowly Scarlet Pleasure are gaining fans in countries other than Denmark and once the ball is rolling, it won’t be long until they break through in the rest of the world too.