If you’re looking for the latest Belgian revelation, look no further! STUFF. (yes, with a full stop at the end) takes live performances to a whole new level. Although their music is quite complex already on the record, they manage to improvise even more on stage. Let’s introduce this rare quintet in one cup of coffee!

I. White Cat

STUFF. was born in 2012 in ‘White Cat‘, a famous bar in Ghent in Belgium. The bar hosts oldskool jam sessions, mostly funk, jazz or soul music. About 5 years ago, Lander Gyselinck was asked to play some live music in between dj sets at the bar. He invited some friends to come play with him that night and that’s how it all began. From then on Lander Gyselinck, Dries Laheye, Andrew Claes, Joris Caluwaerts and Mixmonster Menno would be known as STUFF.

II. The debut album: STUFF.

It might not surprise you that a band with this kind of avant-garde sound has some famous artists as fans. Belgian graphic artist Rinus Van de Velde was so surprised by their refreshing sound that he decided to make a drawing for the cover of their debut STUFF. which was released in 2015. It earned them a spot at Best Kept SecretFestival (NL), Gent Jazz Festival (BE) and PukkelpopFestival(BE).

III. The second coming: Old Dreams New Planets

&list=UUctLa_wY6rGtKYCpdt_YCTQOnly a couple months ago, the Belgian band released a second album calledOld Dreams New Planets. No one knows where to put STUFF., you can’t put them in a genre or a box. Maybe that’s the strength of this curious ensemble. Their second record got lots of great reviews, one of which in the Begian magazine HUMO where they got a 4-star review: “Because they combine old school jazz-funk with brand new electronics, or muggy ambient with broken hiphop en they always seem to get away with it. Or maybe because, after 30 times, I still got no idea who plays what on ‘Old Dreams New Planets’. “

IV. Building the live reputation

Drummer Lander Gyselinck always takes in a central space on stage. Live, it seems like the others always build another layer on top of his rhythms. This might be no surprise if you know that Gyselinck received a MIA (Belgian music award) for best musician. He has been drumming since he was only 4 years old and that definitely pays off as we can see on stage. All of their songs were created by improvising and that process didn’t stop when they switched the studio for the stage. STUFF. flutters effortlessly from a danceable beat to a complex jazz rhythm. After their passage at Pukkelpop last month, everyone agreed: this is the most exciting band we’ve seen in a very long time.