1. Tommy Lee


B. Def Leppard

C. Mötley Crüe

2. Roger Taylor

A. Queen

B. The Kinks

C. Aerosmith

3. Charlie Watts

A. The Animals

B. The Rolling Stones

C. Creedence Clearwater Revival

4. Tré Cool

A. Green Day

B. The Offspring

C. Fall Out Boy

5. Phil Collins

A. Chicago

B. Toto

C. Genesis

6. Lars Ulrich 

A. Exodus

B. Slayer

C. Metallica

7. Richard Hughes 

A. Keane

B. Snow Patrol

C. The Killers

8. Larry Mullen

A. U2

B. The Police

C. Talking Heads

9. Keith Moon

A. Cream

B. The Who

C. The Doors

10. Dominic Howard 

A. Biffy Clyro

B. Editors

C. Muse

11. Chad Smith

A. Red Hot Chili Peppers

B. Rage Against The Machine

C. Incubus

12. Dave Grohl 

A. Foo Fighters

B. Nirvana

C. Soundgarden

13. Max Weinberg

A. E Street Band

B. The Bad Seeds

C. The Heartbreakers

14. Matt Helders

A. Arctic Monkeys

B. The Kooks

C. Kaiser Chiefs

15. Will Champion

A. Kings Of Leon

B. Maroon 5

C. Coldplay

16. Levon Helm 

A. The Byrds

B. The Band

C. Grateful Dead

17. Ringo Starr

A. Wings

B. The Beatles

C. The Hollies

18. Jeremy Gara

A. Vampire Weekend

B. The National

C. Arcade Fire

19. Dave Rowntree

A. Blur

B. Gorillaz

C. Pulp

20. John Bonham

A. Deep Purple

B. Led Zeppelin

C. Pink Floyd

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