I. Ten days at home?

succes started on an early age. Back in 2012. Yes, that has been a while ago.
In that year he dropped his first mixtape named: Ten Day. As the story goes. Chance, still eighteen, wasn’t what you
may call a successful high school student. In fact, he was caught with
marijuana. This got him suspended for ten days. Ten days, Ten Day? Plenty of time to work on his music. And so he did. The
album got noted by Complex Magazines. They wrote about him in their article Chicago
Rappers to Watch Out For. Also Forbes took a liking in the rapper, writing
about him in their column: Cheap Tunes. Though the album was anything but
cheap. What they meant was that the mixtape was available for free. Combine that
with his fresh take on the Hip-Hop genre and he had a big hit on his hands. Soul
and jazz were the undertone in his music, and his rich vocabulary was in a
league of its own. 

II. Bennett and Bieber

Chance The
Rapper was a hot item. He dropped his second mixtape not long after the
first. Acid Rap got a very good
review, outmatching the success of his first album. Starring in the hit charts
of63 in Billboards Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album Charts list and Rolling Stone’s Ten
Best Mixtapes of 2013. This success caught Justin Bieber’s eye. In an interview
with Power 106FM he explained why he wanted to work together with Bennett. “I
already produced the song, but I was looking for a young and fun rapper that
could give the record a little extra.” And there was ‘Confident’. This single
was very well received. As if you could expect anything different. An up and
coming talent working together with a, at that time a controversial and, huge
pop star? What could go wrong? The single landed in a smash hit and got sold
over 500.000 times. Giving it a golden status.

III. Collabs.

doesn’t completely owe his success to himself though. There’s a wide range of hiphop artists who worked with him. Especially on his last mixtape Coloring Book. He worked together with a
lot of starting Chicago-based rappers in his early career. Vic Mensa and Lili K
are making their appearances on his records. The big hype started when he
recorded Acid Rap. Rumor had it that
he would be working together with Donald Clover, better known as Childish
Gambino and Troy from the hit series Community. Chance and Gambino shook up the
world with their song called: ‘Favorite Song’.

IV. Coloring Book

Acid Play gave him a mostly national success. With some
songs that became hits overseas. But it also gotten quieter. It was rumored
that Chance took to the studio once again. This time recording his second
mixtape. And this mixtape would be bigger and better than ever before. Every now
and again Bennett would release a single into the world. A single with Saba and
R Kelly mind you. Off course these single were critical success like everything
that came before. And bigger and better? Those rumors turned out to be reality.
The world was in ecstasy when The Rapper dropped Coloring Book in May of 2016. Names like Lil’ Wayne, Justin Bieber
and rap God Kanye West made their appearance on the record. The sound of this
record travelled the entire world and everyone loved it. It was almost as if everything
Chancellor Jonathan Bennett touched would turn into gold. However the real gold
came a little later, in 2017.

V. And the Grammy goes to…

The award,
or rather the awardS, flew in the arms of Chance. During the annual 59th
Grammy Awards, Chance managed to win three. Chance had written history by
winning awards for the best rap album, namely Coloring Book, the best new artist and best rap performance. What started out as a high school screw-up turned into a musical
legend. Other Hip-Hop giants just had to whip out their phones and text
Chance. On Instragram chance showed how Drake cheered for him and how he
congratulated him with his win. Chance prepared a speech for if and when he got
called to the stage. And this beautiful yet too long speech was cut short by
music. Chance responded with: “Oh I’m gonna talk, ya’ll can play the music if
you want.” And we think he deserved to talk as long as he’d like. He is now one
of the best rappers in the world, that’s a pretty big deal right! That’s why we
say: “Chance, congratulations! We hope to hear loads more from you in the
future. Keep it up! 


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