Arcade Fire released a video for their single “Chemistry” from their latest album Everything Now. They put their hands together with an animation team that almost everyone knows about, and they’ve put together a wild video. 

The video displays a story of an animated cat and dog that meet at the cat’s wedding reception. The dog is the caterer at the reception. All the other guests are sharks. It is clear from the beginning of the video that the two have “chemistry” (see what they did there), but they face a lot of challenges to be able to show it to each other. They want to run off together, but the dog needs to fight off the cat’s husband, but the other guests as well.

The video has been directed by Ray Tintori. He has previously worked with other bands such as The Killers, MGMT, Chairlift, and Moses Sumney. Furthermore, the clip contains animations by Starburns Industry, which we know from the popular series Rick & Morty. Another familiar face is Big Freedia, who portrays the cat in the story.

When talking about the video, frontman Win Butler said that the entire band had wanted to collaborate with the director for years already. He states that: “We’ve been big fans of Ray’s work since his early videos and there was talk of collaborating during The Suburbs shoot – we were going to film it in New Orleans but then it got moved to Austin at the last minute, and Ray was caught up working on Beasts Of The Southern Wild.” He adds: “So it was very full circle to finally be working with him in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. There is a playful, carnivalesque energy to the song, to capture that by filming literally during carnival felt right.”

Look at the surreal video down below!