Los Angeles is known for lots of things, but we’re not afraid to call it the capital of the music industry. So it’s not surprising to find a fantastic concert venue in the city: The Hollywood Bowl.


In four years (in 2022), the Hollywood Bowl will celebrate its 100th birthday. The bowl is literally a natural shaped cavity in the earth. When the builders created the Hollywood Bowl, they only made benches and seats. Later, when the bowl became more modern, they expanded the venue and made a shell.The Bowl is located near the Hollywood sign and is completely in the open air. Can you imagine seeing your favorite artists while the sun sets and the sky turns into a star filled one? Bands and musicians that have played The Hollywood Bowl are for example The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Coldplay and Blink 182.

Filmmusic under the stars

The Hollywood Bowl is still considered as one of the most special venues of LA, with its perfect location and special concerts. For example, Paul Simon is playing the venue a few weeks after LCD Soundsystem does, and after Paul Simon, Disney’s Beauty and The Beast in Concert will take place in The Bowl. Pretty diverse, right?

Linkin Park at Hollywood Bowl

In July 2017, Chester Bennington passed away and later that year, Linkin Park performed at the Hollywood Bowl. They gave a ‘Celebrate Life In Honor Of Chester Bennington’ concert and played this very special version of ‘Numb’. The public took over the vocals and the spotlight was shining on an empty microphone. You might not see everything of the special venue, but the atmosphere and performance are saying it all.

Want to visit The Hollywood Bowl?

As we said before, The Hollywood Bowl is near the Hollywood sign, just outside the centre of Hollywood. You can visite the website here, and the address is 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068. Well, what are you waiting for?