Twelve years ago, the snowboarding game ‘SSX On Tour’ was released as the fourth game in a series. The game became a benchmark in snowboarding games, and featured, next to an awesome design, an incredible soundtrack. Helmets on, as we shred through this list of ten iconic SSX songs.

1. Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

After the EA SPORTS BIIIIIIG shout, a gorilla appears, opening the book of SSX, and Iron Maiden’s ‘Run To The Hills’ starts playing. Is there any better way to start an adrenaline-filled game?

2. Louis XIV – God Killed The Queen

After the intro, the main menu shows, and Louis XIV start playing ‘God Killed The Queen’. It’s the guitar riff that catches you above all. Sadly we never heard from the band afterwards!

3. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

After the menus, it’s finally time to discover the mountains. There’s a whole variety of tracks, featuring all kinds of different elements, backed by some incredible music, like this song from LCD Soundsystem’s first album.

4. Bloc Party – Banquet

In 2005 Bloc Party started to take over the Indierock scene, which also shows in the featuring of this song on SSX. The fade-in at the beginning automatically brings you back to your youth.

5. Billy Talent – Red Flag

Snowboarding equals adrenaline, another reason why the makers decided to choose some heavier punk and metal sounds, including this Billy Talent song.

6. Dio – Stand Up And Shout

If you include punk and metal, why not go all the way and include some heavy metal, from a band that was formed around two former Black Sabbath members? Stand Up And Shout!

7. Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure

When punk and metal show the adrenaline, Indierock shows snowboarding’s cool lifestyle, where the newest and most unknown band can earn you great respect. When this unknown band produces a song like this, the respect is limitless, and the band gets at the same time shot into stardom.

8. Motorhead – Overkill

Lemmy Kilmister has always been a true legend. And if a legend makes incredible songs, is leaving them out of your soundtrack even an option?

9. Ok Go – Here It Goes Again

Most people think this song got so famous because of the treadmill clip that was featured on the new rising website Youtube. This is true, but it has to be said that SSX On Tour already featured it before it was even released, giving it without a doubt a most needed first boost forward.

10. Queens Of The Stone Age – Medication

It’s clear that the soundtrack features a lot of catchy guitar riffs, combined with some pretty heavy sounds. And no band knows how to combine these two better than Queens Of The Stone Age.