Australia might be known for their kangaroos and koalas, but the Aussies have soms great bands as well. As surprising as the Great Barrier Reef or as impressive as the Sydney Opera House… Australian music has it all. Check out these 10 bands you have to know!

1. Men At Work

Who else to start with than Men At Work. The band is best known for their hit ‘Down Under‘ from 1981. The band has quite a turbulent history, they went through several splits. At the end of their carreer in 2002, the band got sued for the flute riff in ‘Down Under’. The judge didn’t rule in their favour and they lost the case, butfeel free to judge yourself!

2. Crowded House

This Melbourne based rock band wrote a lot of hits over the years. The band was founded in 1985 and is still widely known with songs like ‘Weather With You’ and ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’. As of July 2010, the band had sold over 10 million albums. Last year Crowded house was inducted in the ARIA Hall Of Fame in their home country.

3. Empire Of The Sun

This duo from Sydney brings infectious mix of electronics and pop. Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore decided to start playing together in 2007 as Empire Of The Sun. The band used elaborate stage sets and headdress because both band members have a background in visual arts. The band is most known for their hit single ‘Walking On A Dream‘ and ‘We Are The People‘.

4. The Avalanches

Again a band from Melbourne, but this time something completely different. Last year, the band released their second studio album Wildflower, 16 years after debut album ‘Since I Left You‘. This first record is considered as one of the best Australian albums of all time. With a former film student (Robbie Chater) in their midst, it’s no surprise that The Avalanches make great music videos as well.

5. Vance Joy

If you are a fan of Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard or The Lumineers you will love this Australian singer songwriter. With his folky hit ‘Riptide‘ he made his way to Europe. His debut album Dream Your Life Away was released 3 years ago. James Keogh had lots of other options if making music wouldn’t work out. He was a promising football player and graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws.

6. Tame Impala

The most exciting psychedelic rock band originates from Perth. After some EP’s the band released their debut album Innerspeaker in 2010. It got great reviews in Australia but didn’t reach much airplay abroad. Follow-up Lonerism reached platinum in Australia and received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Alternative Music Album. Last year, the band released Currents which won several ARIA Awards. The band names Supertramp, Britney Spears, My Bloody Valentine and The Flaming Lips among their influences.

7. The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire brings a surprising mix of jazz, pop and ska with some latin influences. This Melbourne based band tries to do more than just entertain the audience with their music. They were one of the first to join the fundraising project ‘Sounds For The Reef‘, a project to sustain the preservation of the Great Barrier Reef.

8. Boy & Bear

If you feel up to some indie folk music, then Boy & Bear is the band you need. Not only their name sounds similar to the British band Bear’s Den. About a year ago the band released their third studio album Limit Of Love. The record was produced by Ethan Johns who is known from working with artists like Ryan Adams, Kings Of Leon and Kaiser Chiefs. However, the album didn’t turn out to be a big succes. There even was some doubt if the album would be released in Europe. The critics may not have liked the record, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for some relaxing folk.

9. Matt Corby

At the age of 16, Matt Corby auditioned for the fifth season of Australian Idol. He ended up on the second place, but described his participation as “a fucking big mistake”. Corby released some EP’s over the years but he didn’t get much attention until he released his EP Into The Flame in 2011. A year later the EP would’ve received 6 times platinum. His single ‘Brother‘ increased his succes abroad and earned him some shows in Europe and the USA. Last year, Corby was featured on a track by the famous Norwegian djKygo.

10. The Temper Trap

Although the band relocated from Melbourne to London in 2008, The Temper Trap is 100% Australian. In 2012, the band won an ARIA Award for Best Group and Best Australian Single for ‘Sweet Disposition‘. It was also with this song that The Temper Trap made a name for themselves outside of Australia.