The third album might drop this june, and that means the long wait is almost over. Let’s hope The 1975 starts touring again soon, because their concerts are such an amazing experience! Here’s 10 of our favorite live performances by The 1975.

#10. Somebody Else @ O2 Arena, 2016

“Makes me miss an ex I never had” is one of the most liked comments under this video. Well, that’s what The 1975 does: the band makes you feel things you’ve never felt before. This performance of ‘Somebody Else’ is exactly what you can expect when you’re going to a The 1975 concert.

#9. Settle Down @ Summer Sonic, 2013

The 1975 is such a great festival band. It seems to be so easy for them to grab the attention of the audience. Back in 2013, the band was mostly dressed in black baggy clothes like the design of their debut album. Even though that’s not too long ago, it feels like ages!

#8. Robbers @ Glastonbury, 2014

Imagine you’re in a band and you get to play the one and only Glastonbury festival. Just look at how amazing that must be! ‘Robbers’ is one of the more mellow songs and always a welcome one on the setlist.

#7. The Sound @ Glastonbury, 2016

Two years after their Glastonbury debut, The 1975 are playing Glastonbury again. Can we please discuss the difference between ‘Robbers’ in 2014 and ‘The Sound’ in 2016?! Of course, it may help that ‘The Sound’ is more uptempo and sounds happy, but still, singer Matty Healy seems so much more relaxed during this performance. How lovely to see a band grow like that!

#6. Sex @ Studio Brussel, 2013

In this rare setting on a roof in Brussels, singer Matty undresses the song ‘Sex’ and makes it a small and vulnerable song. It does not even seem to cost him any effort too, which makes it almost a lazy version with a really good vibe.

#5. Chocolate @ VEVO Lift, 2014

Oh man, the intro with the footage of the concert, hearing Matty talk about their music and fanbase is already amazing. And then there’s one of their biggest hits. Like one of the comments under the video says: it doesn’t matter how often they play the song, they always seem to enjoy it. And so do the fans!

#4. The Ballad Of Me And My Brain – TRSMT 2017

It’s so good to see how singer Matty gives a full 100% for this song. ‘Ballad Of Me And My Brain’ is really outgoing, but this performance is almost too intimate to watch. It’s so raw and real!

#3. Girls @ Reading, 2014

It’s one of their most uptempo songs brought back to a very small and cute song. We love to see how the band is good on a big stage with thousands of people in front of them, but it’s also refreshing to see the band from this side.

#2. Love Me @ Lollapalooza, 2017

The suits! The dancing at the beginning! This performance! There’s not one thing we’re not excited about when we’re watching this video. The band is clearly in their element and that’s the best thing about seeing a band live, isn’t it?

#1. If I Believe You @ BBC Live Lounge Symphony, 2016

Oh hello, this is what dreams are made of! How is it possible to make this song even better? Well, just put a whole orchestra beside the band and just dream away. What a tune!