Episode 13 of our Fan Podcast has Lady Gaga as its subject. We talk with big fan Marjol Kock, who wants to clearify things: ‘Lady Gaga is so much more than just the hits!’. In this podcast, she explains why that is the case.

In the ‘Fan Podcast’, we sit down with fans and talk about their passion. Most of the time that is an artist, but it can also be a genre, a festival or an instrument. As long as it has got something to do with music! In one hour, fans have a stage to explain why everybody should appreciate their idol. By listening to the enthusiastic stories by fans, you often get to know artists in a whole other way. Almost all the time you discover a deeper layer you didn’t really discover yourself. But hey, that’s what fans are for! From now on, they share it every week in the Fan Podcast.Mind you: it’s recorded in Dutch!

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