In episode 16 of our Fan Podcast, we’re talking about Beth Hart. In two weeks the American Singer performs at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam and she just released a new album (Black Coffee) with Joe Bonamassa. Linda Broekhoven is our guest and she’s a big fan of Beth Hart. Linda gives us several reasons why everyone should be a fan of Beth Hart.

In the We Speak Music Fan Podcast, host Micha van Hoorn talks with music fans about their favorite artists or music. Fans have one hour to make a statement why everyone should be a fan of their passion. They get to explain this by giving 3 reasons. Hearing fans talk about their idols is an amazing way to discover new musical insights, so sit back and enjoy!

Mind you: our podcasts are in Dutch.

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Beth Hart

Beth Hart is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Los Angeles. In 1999 she released her biggest hit: ‘L.A. Song (Out Of This Town). Beth Hart has a special relationship with the Netherlands. She released two live DVD’s, both recorded in Amsterdam, and May 12th, she’s performing at the Ziggo Dome.

Her sound is characterized as blues rock. Her voice has a recognizable raw tone. She is multi-instrumental and often plays the piano and guitar, but also the bass, cello and percussion.

The Fan

Linda Broekhoven is our guest to talk about Beth Hart. She is de singer of the Beth Hart tribute band ‘Delicious Surprise’.

Clips from the podcasts

L.A. Song (Out of This Town)


‘Am I The One’ Live at Paradiso

In 2005 Beth Hart released the DVD ‘Live At Paradiso’. On this DVD you can find this special version of ‘Am I The One’.


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