In episode 19 of our Fan Podcast, we’re talking about Nick Cave. Jasper Steppé is our guest and a big fan of Nick Cave. Nick Cave is an extraordinary artist with a special story, therefore Jasper gives you an introduction to the artist in our podcast. On the basis of three subjects, you’ll get an introduction to Nick Cave.

In the We Speak Music Fan Podcast, host Micha van Hoorn talks with music fans about their favorite artists or music. Fans have one hour to make a statement why everyone should be a fan of their passion. Hearing fans talk about their idols is an amazing way to discover new musical insights, so sit back and enjoy!

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Nick Cave

Nicholas Edward Cave is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter, author, composer and actor. He is known to most people as the frontman of the band Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. In 1978, Cave started a band with his school friends, called The Boys Next Door. In 1980 the band moved to London and continued under the name The Birthday Party. The next stop was Berlin, where he formed Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in 1984. After some personnel changes Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds now consist of: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Thomas Wydler, Martyn P. Casey, Jim Sclavunos, George Vjestica, Toby Dammit.

Their music is often described as post-punk, gothic rock, alternative, experimental rock. Cave his lyrics are characterized as emotionally intense and he deals with themes such as death, religion, love, sex, spirituality and violence.

The Fan

Jasper Steppé is our guest. In the nineties he was introduced by a friend to the music of Nick Cave and since then, he’s hooked. In the podcast he explains to you why you should definitely need to get a ticket for one of his shows this summer.

Fragments from the Podcast

We’ve discussed several subjects in the podcast. First up: the lyrics. In his lyrics, Nick Cave often sings from a different perspective; he creates characters and then tells stories. In 1996 he released the Murder Ballads, an album full of murder songs and characters created by Nick Cave. ‘The Mercy Seat‘ is one of those Murder Ballads. We listened to this version at Lowlands 2005.

In 2015, fate struck for Nick Cave. His son Arthur, then 15 years old, fell from a 20 meter high cliff, near his home in England and died. The latest album Skeleton Tree has many references to this personal drama. ‘Jesus Alone’ was the first single to come out of that album, the text and the images are very confronting.

Jasper says that ‘Jubilee Street’ is a song that has the most in it that represents Cave. A calm start with a story that gets a bit of an acceleration in the middle, you catch on the scrubs and eventually it explodes. Check out this version from the movie ‘20.000 Day On Earth’.

The last topic we discussed was the live performance of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Check out this video on Primavera in Barcelona, in which Cave performed ‘Stagger Lee‘. It’s filmed with telephone, to indicate how things are going on stage. It’s clearly visible how Cave crawls over the audience, enchants and wants to be so close to his fans. At the same time he continues to keep in touch with The Bad Seeds.

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