Gabrielle Aplin is no longer the new girl on the block. She’s part of what was once the new group of young and talented British singer-songwriters together with people like James Bay, Nina Nesbitt, Orla Gartland and Lauren Aquilina. Nowadays she outgrowed that role and she found her own place, making great music with a very young vibe but inspired by her idols like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and The National. So step away from the espresso machine and relax with this great discovery.

I. Covering Like Hell

Gabrielle Aplin first popped up by doing great covers on her YouTube channel. By doing this, she slowly started creating a solid fanbase and she earned a little money with both the covers and playing small gigs. With this money she started working on her debut ep that she released on her own label ‘Never Fade’. After this acoustic ep, she recorded a second ep in 2011 called Never Fade.

II. Big Breakthrough

With her second ep, Gabrielle was invited to come to the legendary BBC’s Maida Vale studio’s to record some live tracks. She recorded two of her own tracks and a cover of ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay. This is not only a great cover and she proves her potential with it to the world but it’s also the most viewed upload on the BBC Introductions page, topping artists like Ed Sheeran, Catfish and The Bottleman and Florence & The Machine.

III. Let’s dream big

After releasing a third ep called Home, including the single ‘Home’ which was her first ever song to be played on BBC Radio 1, it was time for the real deal, it was time for her debut album. While recording this album, she also recorded a cover for the John Lewis Christmas Campaign, meaning that she gained great exposure. The first single called ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ was a massive hit and was even compared to Mumford and Sons. It was also this album that enabled her to go on tour with Ed Sheeran.

IV. Light Up The Dark

After taking a little break from music, Aplin came back in 2015 with the announcement of a new album and the first single ‘Sweet Nothing’ with this amazing live performance at the Graham Norton Show. During and after recording, Gabrielle also became a model and did work for Vogue and GQ but she never wanted to become a full time model, she only does things that suit her and her music.

V. The Same But Different

Aplin got back to releasing ep’s now and they sound a bit different. Her songs no longer have a guitar driven backbone and if you would have to put them in a box it would head more towards pop. Nevertheless it sounds awesome and we hope that we will still be hearing a lot from her in the (near?) future.