Hall of Fame: True Fans

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Welcome to our wall of fame! In 2018, we’ll be playing multiple Fan Quizzes to find True Fans. Take a look at our homepage to see at which events we are present.

These fans all made it to the very last round of their fan quizzes and can be named ‘True Fan’. They won a cool merchandise update or concert upgrade, but also will be honored on this page forever.

Prince Popquiz, 21 april @ Cafe de Koe

On April 21, we honored the second anniversary of Prince’s death with a Prince Popquiz in Amsterdam’s CafĂ© de Koe. Lars Meijer and his team ‘The Taste Of Your Moth Fuckers’ turned out to be the winners after a very hard quiz. They can call theirselves True Prince Fans and won a VIP-treatment to the My Name is Prince Exhibition in Amsterdam. Congrats!

Editors Fan Quiz, 27 March 2018 @ Ziggo Dome

Before Editors concert, we played three rounds of the Editors Fan Quiz at the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam. Each round we found a winner and these people can now call theirselves a true Editors Fan. Congratulations!

Ronde 1:

Please to meet the first True Editors Fan! She won a Editors tour shirt:

Ronde 2:

The second round was a close finish, but we got ourselves a winner! These two lucky ones won an upgrade on their ticket. They moved to the Live Avenue of the Ziggo Dome:

Ronde 3:

Just before the start of the concert we played the final round of our Editors Fan quiz. This woman proved herself a True Fan!