A Hard Day’s Night was the third album from The Beatles and it was also the soundtrack for their first movie with the same name. But it is also the name of the first single from that record. The title seems to come back a lot but why? It’s not so poetic and it even sounds a bit weird so we looked in to it for you en this is where is comes from.

One day, the Beatles were shooting their movie and after a long day in front of the cameras, there were still a lot of reporters that came by for some interviews. However, everyone was tired so some strange things were said, not in the least by Ringo. He was famous for his ‘ringoisms’: Sayings that were pretty funny although they were not realistic or intended to be funny.

During this interview he said to the reporter ‘It was a hard day’ but then he realised that it was already dark so he quickly added ‘night’. A little while later the boys from Liverpool were trying to come up with a title for their movie and someone suggested this one. Later that evening, Lennon wrote the song and the rest is history.