It’s that wonderful time of year again. Stress levels are rising along with temperatures, tiredness is becoming unbearable and social contacts are rare. This can only mean one thing: exams are coming up. A lot of us really enjoy listening to some music while trying to study, but it’s not really helpful for your focus if you have to keep changing the song. Spotify has a useful tool to help you called artist radio’s. Simply go to your favourite artist, choose artist radio and Spotify will play some of their songs mixed with other bands that sound alike. Looking for a good starting point or just a complete playlist full of study songs? We’ll take you through our favourite songs to listen to while studying.

J. Bernardt ~ The Other Man

In need of a bit of background music? Time to start looking for J. Bernardt. It’s that guy from Balthazar who teamed up with a great Belgian producer named Pomrad. Together they created a great mix between indie, electronica, and a touch of dance. Awesome for studying, dancing, singing, and well basically everything. This is one of our favourite songs of him, but make sure to check the rest of them as well.

Vampire Weekend ~ Holiday

Feeling a little depressed? Well, listen to this track by Vampire Weekend and those study blues will be gone right away. Fun, upbeat, great to sing along. Overall it’s just an awesome song. This one will make sure your motivation comes back. And if you’re still feeling a bit bad, remember: ‘Holiday oh holiday, the best time of the year.’

M83 ~ Midnight City

Is your motivation all gone? Did your levels of concentration sink just as deep as your grades? Or just time to go crazy for a second? M83 has got you covered. It has a slow build up, but it’s such an epic song. It’s great to take your mind of everything for a second and just wander away.

Picture This ~ Take My Hand

Pulling an all nighter or is it just already late at night? This song has the perfect vibe for that time of the day, yet it won’t make you fall asleep (very important!). And we will guarantee you that after a few listening sessions, you will put it on repeat.

Lucy Neville ~ Fall At Your Feet

You know how sometimes you hear a song in a shop and you think “well, this sounds awesome!”? That’s how we found out about this beauty. And let’s admit it: the easy music they play at stores would also be perfect to study to.

MUNA ~ in My Way

More background music but now a little more upbeat, made by a bunch of women and approved by Harry Styles. One of our favourite American bands, and we can’t understand they are not a more famous as they are now. All their songs sound so incredible, big, and powerful, yet so simple, and breakable. Very special and worth checking out.

The National ~  Day I Die

It’s scientifically proven that students during exam period sometimes look forward to the day they die . But hang on, better days are coming cause the festival summer is already near and you can almost smell the barbecues.

The Lighthouse ~ Joyride

Some additional Belgian feel good vibes. If you ever get a chance, check these boys live, because the vibe their shows have is just legendary. If you would ever be in a bad mood, just listen to this and the dark clouds hanging above your head will disapear right away. Tested and approved in difficult conditions. And bonus points for the feel good clip with the rollerskaters.

Dermot Kennedy ~ Moments Passed

A bit slower again, but that’s compensated by some pure Irish power. Whenever you tell someone about Dermot Kennedy, they are hooked after only a few listens. So check it out yourself and spread the word!

Sigrid ~ Don’t Kill My Vibe

Put this song on and be ready for whenever someone tries to disturb you. Once they enter, just press play and you hear our beautiful Sigrid shout ‘don’t kill my vibe’ and trust us: nobody will even try to disturb your vibe anymore.

Noah And The Whale ~ L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.

For some second to last feelgood vibes, we turn to our favourite band that quit in 2015. Just make sure that you don’t play this one in the library, because there is a 110% chance of you shouting L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. at the top of your lungs.

The Academic ~ Different

We cannot stress enough about how important it is to take your mind of things for a little while when you’re studying. So that’s why we want to provide you with some final good vibes and a cool clip to accompany them. And while you’re at it, check out their Abbey Road session because that is some quality live recording!

Snow Patrol ~ Don’t give in

If you’re suferining from performance anxiety, just know that you’re not in this alone. There are plenty of people that have your back and that want to see you succeed. And in case you actually would fail? They will be there to catch you and to help in any way they can and make sure you will be able to get up, even stronger than before. So don’t give in, don’t you dare quit so easy!

We at WeSpeakMusic wish you the best of luck with your exams! If you want to hear some more songs, listen to our extended playlist below (ft King Princess,EDEN, Lauv, Lorde, Float Fall, Amy Shark,…) and feel free to send in your own suggestions and we’ll make sure to add them!