Stage diving is nowadays seen as something that has always been around. However, there was a time before stage diving. It wasn’t until Iggy Pop got mad at a member of a motor club, that the phenomenon became popular. A story on how getting beaten up can change rock history.

When Iggy and his Stooges were to perform at Detroit’s Michigan Palace in 1974, they didn’t know what kind of trouble they were getting themselves in. Before the concert, Iggy decided to go to a local radio station where he started challenging a local motor club, The Scorpions. The club reacted, and came out to the show where they started to throw all sorts of disgusting stuff towards Iggy. But that didn’t stop Iggy. He decided to taunt the men even more by telling them their girlfriends all loved him. Which infuriated the crowd even more.

When they then started playing Louie, Louie in a 45 minute version, hell was about to break loose. It was in this tense atmosphere that Iggy decided to pick out one specific gang member. He stormed through the crowd in order to reach him, just to get beaten up by the gang in a really bad manner. The concert was the last one before the Stooges broke up. However, Iggy Pop had managed to create an iconic move in rock history.

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