Fans of AC/DC will agree: the band’s music can have a great influence on your mood or even your energy level. But who knew their songs could help the US army to complete one of their missions? Let’s find out what else AC/DC is capable of!

Operation Nifty Package

Operation Nifty Package was a plan by United States Delta and Navy SEALs in 1989 designed to capture the leader of Panama: Manuel Noriega. The dictator was aware that the American authorities were trying to arrest him, so he took refuge in the embassy of the Holy See inPanama City. To get Noriega out of his hiding place, the US army decided to use deafening music and other psychological warfare tactics. After 10 days, Noriega gave in and surrendered himself to the US army. Before stepping outside of the diplomatic chambers, he wrote two letters. One to the Pope to thank him and one to his wife stating “I go now on an adventure”.

Deafening music

The US Army chose ‘You Shook Me All Night Long‘ by AC/DC to force Noriega to surrender. Why they thought of this song to scare someone is still unclear to us, but it turned out to be an effective choice. The Panamanian dictator didn’t have to listen to this song all the time. The army also played him ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses and ‘I Fought The Law’ by The Clash. The complete playlist is said to be preserved in the National Security Archive in the George Washington University. If you’re curious, the Spotify playlist is a little easier to get access to.


Manuel Noriega was moved from his prison cell to a hospital to prepare for his brain surgery at the beginning of this year. There were some complications during the surgery of which Noriega would never fully recover. The Panamanian dictator died on May 29 2017, he was 83 years old.