During the Ik Zie U Graag Festival in Breda, We Speak Music hosted an interactive lecture on the history of Belgian pop music.

The two-day festival Ik Zie U Graag is all about discovering exciting acts from the Belgian music scene. Upcoming acts like Tout Va Bien, The Sore Losers, Tourist LeMC, Warhola and Portland performed at the festival this year. This all took place at the Mezz, Breda’s main pop venue.

During the festival, We Speak Music hosted two interactive lectures in the ‘Beer Tent’. The lecture was about the history of Belgian pop music and gave attendants a little bit more depth to the festival. The lecture started telling about the early 60’s, with the music of Jacques Brel and Eddy Wally and later on the early punk and rock scene. We ended the lecture with the current era and the sound of the Belgian music these days.

The lecture lasted about half an hour and people could participate in the lecture by answering the questions about the several decades. Participants could win a well-filled goodiebag, by answering the price questions right.

Thank you for everyone who attended. If you weren’t there, you can still learn something about the Belgian music by following the playlist below. We hope to see you in the future!