For years now they have been admired in the music industry, and now it is about time to see their breakthrough. This autumn shall see the release of their debut album, followed by a tour through the UK and parts of Europe. Showcasing five of their best tracks, we want to show you why Black Honey are worth it.

1. All My Pride

The Brighton-based indie rock band have been releasing singles since 2014, and through actively touring and maintaining a strong connection with their audience, they have built up an incredible loyal fan base over time. This banger ‘All My Pride’ was released as part of their 2016 EP Headspin and is very popular with the crowd.

2. Hello Today

Upon releasing new singles, the band didn’t want to pull their audience’s attention away from their music with possibly distracting images. This is why ‘Hello Today’ shows up as the first video clip on the band’s VEVO, which was released after the Headspin EP in 2016. Though at heart Black Honey is very much a Brit rock band, they are also known for portraying Americana vibes, which are beautifully emphasised in this Californian desert.

3. Somebody Better

An interesting and hot piece accompanied by an even wilder video clip, ‘Somebody Better’ explores the falling apart of a relationship. It shows that Black Honey, and lead singer Izzy in particular, are creative in more than one way. She sings, she writes, she paints, and she co-produced this video with director and artist Nadia Lee.

4. Dig

Black Honey pursue the American theme with this Tarantino-inspired clip for their 2017 single ‘Dig’, which later can also be found on the forthcoming debut album. Though each sporting an individual sound, the Black Honey tracks all carry a resemblance in their simplicity and raw on-edge riffs. The band has managed to carry out their own unique style throughout, and therefore will always remain to be one of a kind.

5. I Only Hurt the Ones I Love

Once again, we find a strong Western-thriller themed video, this time directed by Sam Kinsella. The newest ‘I Only Hurt the Ones I Love’ single might just be one of the most memorable yet, making it the perfect promo for their upcoming album. The chorus is drenched in Black Honey and makes wonderful material for live performances, where audiences are bound to bounce along to these catchy tunes.

The Black Honey debut album and tour

Black Honey‘s debut album is set to come out on September 21, 2018 and can be pre-ordered here. The album will then be followed by a UK & EU tour throughout October and November.