On May 10, 2018, We Speak Music hosted the Arctic Monkeys Album Release Party in Bar Weber, Amsterdam. During this amazing fan experience, we counted down the minutes until the release of the highly anticipated sixth Arctic Monkeys album Tranquility Base, Hotel + Casino. In addition, there was a popquiz, keynote speakers, some exclusive give aways and a limited edition vinyl on sale.

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The new album dropped at 01:00 AM (local time) on May 11. At that exact moment we listened to the record in full, commonly enjoyed by all fellow Dutch Arctic Monkeys fans. That was a unique way to start the Tranquility Base adventure.

But there was so much more.

Beforehand we got a big treat in store for all Arctic Monkeys fans. Starting the evening at 09:00 PM, we invited some speakers to talk about our favourite band. We had Roosmarijn Reijmer from Best Kept Secret Festival talking about their upcoming and past performance at the Dutch festival, we had Diederik van Zessen from national radio NPO 3FM talking about the influence Arctic Monkeys had and still have and Lucas Hamming came to tell his personal stories about meeting and interviewing Alex Turner.

Besides the speakers, we hosted an Arctic Monkeys Pop Quiz (in which you could win a gigantic Tranquily Base canvas, posters or lyric booklets). Our friends from Velvet Record Store sold the vinyl and cd versions of Tranquility Base, including a limited edition (!) colored vinyl. On top of that, the first 30 buyers get an exclusive Arctic Monkeys tote bag, which was made available by Arctic Monkeys for this night only.


Location: Bar Weber, Amsterdam

09:00 Start event with We Speak Music Soundsystem
09:30 Keynote Speakers: Roosmarijn Reijmer (Best Kept Secret) and Diederik van Zessen (3FM)
10:00 Arctic Monkeys Pop Quiz
11:00 Best Arctic Monkeys Track Election
11:30 Arctic Monkeys Music Bingo
00:30 Keynote Speaker: Lucas Hamming
01:00 Listening Session ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’
01:00 Start album sales by Velvet Record Store
01:40 Reactions to the album by speakers and fans
02:00 We Speak Music Soundsytem
03:00 End of event


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