#10 Ride @ Langs de Leeuw 2012

Glastonbury 2014 is still our favorite concert of Lana’s because of her incredible stage presence. Smoking her cigarette she looks strong and beautiful, but her singing and lyrics give her a very fragile edge.

#7 Radio @ Concert Privé 2012

This visit to a French radio station brought with it a stellar performance of Lana’s song ‘Radio’. Her vocals seem much more sugary and relaxed on this version of the track, maybe because this time she actually is on the radio!

#6 West Coast @ Berlin 2014

The audio quality of this performance leaves a lot to be desired, but fear not. Because Lana sings so incredibly beautifully on this version of ‘West Coast’ she totally makes up for the faulty audio. This hardhitting track has quickly become one of our favorites after seeing this performance.

#5 Million Dollar Man @ BBC Hackney Weekend 2012

This piano-driven ballad about love and heartbreak is sung with so much passion that the audience doesn’t dare interfere. Lana makes one hell of a statement on BBC’s Hackney Weekend and set the tone for what would be an incredible live performance.

#4 Ultraviolence @ Glastonbury 2014

The title-track to Lana’s third album is one of our favorite tracks she has ever made. It comes again from her amazing performance at Glastonbury 2014. The absolute highlight of a spectacular show.

#3 Summertime Sadness @ New Pop Festival 2012

The story of ‘Summertime Sadness’ is one most of us will recognize. Still, Lana’s strength lies in singing about love in her own way. Everyone has a story of summer love long lost and this song is made just for thinking about those stories.

#2 Born To Die @ Poolside

One of Lana’s more macabre sounding songtitles, ‘Born To Die’ was the title-track to her second album. The lyrics of the track are more innocent than they seem and are more about desperate love than an existential crisis. This innocent sweetness is abuntandly present here, and that is exactly what makes this performance so great.

#1 Video Games @ David Letterman 2012

Lana Del Rey’s original smash hit had to land on this spot. Not only is it still our favorite of her songs but the lonely way she is standing in the studio is simply amazing. When the song starts she almost looks like she is crying and when the additional instrumentation kicks in, so are we!


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