I. The Odd Future Sessions

Originally, BadBadNotGood was a three piece band. They met at Humber College while they studied jazz. They bonded over a love of hip-hop music. In this video they play jazzified covers of west-coast collective Odd-Future former group of Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator. The band had played a similar set to their teachers, who did not enjoy much of it. They posted this video on YouTube and it got the attention of hip-hop fans,  jazz futurists and Tyler, The Creator himself.

II. BBNG x Tyler, The Creator

The Odd Future Sessions came to Tyler’s attention and he enjoyed the music so much, he requested for a collaboration. It’s a highly energetic performance. The members and Tyler play so well of each others’ licks, beats and verses resulting in a little show that stays captivating throughout. To speak with the words of Tyler: “This shit’s so fucking good!”

III. BadbadnotKanye

The trio dropped their self-titled first album in 2011, but really blossomed on their second album II . Standout track was this awesome cover of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”, which appeared on his 2005 album Graduation. The track features a typical BBNG-style build-up and crescendo, eventually leading into a total jazz freakout. The album also included a ‘My Bloody Valentine’ cover…

IV. Kaytranadascope

In 2014 the band released their third record, which was their first of all-original material. Kaleidoscope quickly became a fan favourite. The band didn’t release the original as a single, instead they had fellow Canadian electronic producer Kaytranada remix it. The blend of their unique jazzy-sound with Kay’s relaxed production makes for one of the chillest tracks in the band’s discography and paved way for future collaborations.

V. BBNG as a backing band

The conceptual follow-up to Ghostface Killah’s 36 Seasons  was the Sour Soul album. The album features BBNG backing for Ghostface with additional features by the likes of Danny Brown and (here) MF DOOM.The album is a true collaboration and is credited to both Ghostface and da boiz. The band opted for a less jazzy sound and instead chose for a 70s soul sound, akin to Curtis Mayfield. This accompanying video captures the same ‘blaxploitation’ vibes in strength.

VI. A New Sound

Last year, the band released their fourth BBNG record. By then, multi-instrumentalist Leland Whitty had become a full-time member of the band. The album was arguably their best one so far, leaning less on hip-hop and more on electronic music, with spanes into cocktail-jazz, avant-garde and pop. This collaboration with up & coming singer Charlotte Day Wilson (who also featured on a Brainfeeder label track by Iglooghost) is among the poppier songs on the record and is relatively gentle on the ears, but nonetheless terrifically enjoyable!

VII. Time Moves Relative

Another collaboration on their latest album featured Future Islands crooner Sam Herring. His voice lends itself superbly to this sound, which was heard on earlier live-collaborations. The song is about a love not working out, a theme explored before, but in this setting, it still sounds fresh and relevant.

VIII. Confessions Pt. II

In the third record we heard the first part, simply titled “Confessions”. Here, we get a follow-up. It’s one of the more interesting tracks on the latest album. Six and a half minutes in length, it masterfully mixes a funky beat (in an odd time-signature) with Collin Stetson virtuous, repetitive sax-shredding. On paper (or digitally) this might sound weird, but we’re sure it will get you moving!

IX. Badbadnotsnoopdoggydogg

“Lavender” was originally a collaboration with Kaytranada, which was already perfectly enjoyable on its own right. But then, out of the blue, we were treated to this remix featuring hot bars by the D O double G. Don’t let the video scare, it has some deeper meaning to it.


This year, to much acclaim, Kendrick Lamar released his new album DAMN. He opted for a totally new sound after the jazzy To Pimp A Butterfly, though the latter might seem more suitable for BadBadNotGood to have been featured on, you can find them on DAMN. They produced and co-wrote the track “LUST.”.


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