13 Reasons Why is back with a new season! The first one was definitely one of the most discussed series of last year, so it was only logical that there would be a sequel. Here’s a few of the best songs from both seasons!

#10. M83 – Reunion

In season one, we get to know Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker and their friends. ‘Friends’ might be better in place, because nothing is what it seems. When Hannah Baker commits suicide, she leaves tapes with the 13 reasons why she killed herself.

#9. Selena Gomez – Only You

Be careful! The video above may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen 13 Reasons Why yet. ‘Only You’ is the official soundtrack of the first series, which makes it a great opportunity to make a video like this.

#8. Eagulls – Hollow Visions

This song is played during an amazing scene, where Hannah and Clay dance (well technically jump) together for the first time. It’s one of the happier scenes, which makes it nice to watch.

#7. St. Vincent – The Strangers

In this scene (S01 EP07) Hannah speaks up about her loneliness. Clay’s parents discuss his mental state after Hannah died. These moments are a big contrast to the song, because it sounds pretty happy. Despite that, it still suits the scene very well.

#6. Love Vigilantes – New Order

In the opening scene of series two you see Tyler giving his testimony, and Clay and Skye ride a Vespa. This is also the song that you hear during the end credits. It’s definitely one of those typical songs you hear in series, don’t you think?

#5. YUNGBLUD – Tin Pan Boy

Yess, we adore this one! YUNGBLUD is this young fella named Dominic Harrison, and he is ready to take over the world. Keep an eye out when you’re visiting a festival this summer, he might be playing!

#4. The 1975 – Somebody Else

We love to see that the producers of 13 Reasons Why decided to use a mix of old and new songs for these series. Although this song by The 1975 is two years old already, we consider it as one that belongs with the new songs.

#3. Local Natives – I Saw You Close Your Eyes

If you’re looking for some new music to add to your playlist, we suggest you start watching more series and movies. It’s such a great way to get in touch with new tunes! So, if you hadn’t heard of Local Native yet, they’re from Silver Lake and have released three albums already. We’re fans!

#2. Phoenix – Lovelife

Season two contains a lot of flashbacks (just like season one), for example to when Hannah Baker was still alive. In this particular scene, Hannah, Jessica and Alex are hanging out in Hannah’s room, playing a game of ‘never have I ever’.

#1. Years & Years – Sanctify

Years & Years just got back with ‘Sanctify’, the leadsingle of their upcoming album ‘Palo Santo’. In a press release, singer Olly Alexander revealed that the video is part of a bigger puzzle. “I hope it confuses the hell out of people, but also excites them in a mysterious and sensual way.¬†We’ve deliberately hidden lots of different meanings and I want people to come up with their own interpretations. I’m asking people to jump down the rabbit hole with me and let their imagination run free.”

Love to hear more songs featured in 13 Reasons Why? We made you a playlist, so enjoy!