New: The Masterclass Podcast. In this podcast you will get an quick explanation about one specific band or artist. In the first episode, we’ll talk about the world’s best – and perhaps only – virtual band: Gorillaz. Gorillaz recently released their new album The Now Now and is currently touring Europe, therefore it’s time to refresh your basic knowledge about the band. In the podcast you will learn all the basics about the band and discover the bizarre story about 2D, Russel, Noodle and Murdoc.

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Gorillaz are a virtual band consisting of 2D, Russel, Noodle and Murdoc. The British musician Damon Albarn (yes, that guy from Blur) founded the band together with artist Jamie Hewlett. Damon Albarn indicated that he started this unique project so that he could easily venture into other musical styles. Artist Jamie Hewlett could indulge in the characters. In the podcast you’ll learn all the ins and outs about the band, including the bizarre, virtual story of the characters.

4 Reasons Why You Should Definitely See Gorillaz Live 

Clips from the Podcast

All Gorillaz music videos are a must-watch for every music lover. In the podcast we’ve discussed some of them, but we also like to advice you to lose yourself in all the Gorillaz videos on the internet.

Feel Good Inc.

Feel Good Inc. is the most viewed video of Gorillaz on YouTube. Besides that, it’s one of their most popular songs all time as well.

On  Melancholy Hill

During the explanation of the characters, we’ve talked about ‘On Melancholy Hill’. When this music video was released, we discovered that Noodle was still alive. However, she’s being chased by pirates and the cruise ship on which she landed was attacked by bombers. Because of the attack she stranded in a lifeboat at sea. You can see it all in the video below:

Gorillaz Live

A live show from Gorillaz is, how could it be otherwise, a visual spectacle. Damon Albarn is performing with a big band, standing in front of a gigantic screen. With all the modern techniques of today, the characters are coming to life more and more and the video clips are even more of a pleasure for the eye. For example check out this recent live version of ‘Humility‘ at Rock am Ring 2018:

Good news! You can find out this live experience yourself, because Gorillaz are currently busy with their worldwide tour.

The Now Now

On June 29, Gorillaz released their sixth studioalbum The Now Now. Check out the album below:

This was our first masterclass podcast. What band or artist should we discuss in our next podcast? Let us know via!

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