On November 15, We Speak Music hosted the official Mumford & Sons – Delta listening event. The event, of which there were only being held 5 in Europe, was the ultimate get together for fans of the British mega band. During this evening, we gave fans the chance to listen to the new record even before it was released.

During the listening session, Mumford & Sons provided their fans with National Geographic videos. While they recorded en mixed the record, the band watched a lot of wildlife movies, so they felt it would be a nice idea to let the fans experience the record in that way too.

Besides this unique listening experience, we organized the Ultimate Fan Contest. During this contest, we were looking for the best Dutch Mumford & Sons fan. And oh, we did find her! Sanne won an unique Mumford & Sons singles collection.

On top of that, we hosted a raffle to give away some more awesome Mumford & Sons prices and people were able to play shuffleboard. Or play ‘Roll Away Your Stone’, as we’d like to call it. 😉

Thank you for everyone who attended. If you weren’t there, you can get a little impression of the evening below. We hope to see you in the future!

We Speak Music was this event’s full host and producer. From finding a suitable location, to making sure people’s phones are safely stored during the album playback. From developing the fan contest, to make sure the album is technically ready to be played. From A to Z.

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