This summer, the music industry once again will bring the heat with plenty of new material. With new work coming from big names such as Ariana Grande, Interpol, and The Kooks, we can fully soak in the sun and let the cold drinks flow. In this month’s Most Anticipated, we have summed up the August summer sounds for you.

1. Ariana Grande – Sweetener

Release: August 17

For years Ariana Grande has been a big hit with the pop industry, and now, two years after the release of Dangerous Woman, she’s coming with a new album. The writing process for upcoming album Sweetener originally started back in 2016, but had to be paused after the tragic Manchester Arena disaster. Although Grande temporarily left writing for what it was so she could spend time with her loved ones, she did continue with her tour in 2017, and she never truly seemed to have left. New singles ‘no tears left to cry’ and ‘God Is A Woman’ promise another wonderful pop sensation, just like Ariana’s previous work.

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2. Jason Mraz – Know

Release: August 10

Who remembers Jason Mraz? It’s been a full four years since his latest album, and even longer before that when he released summer hits like ‘I Won’t Give Up’, ‘I’m Yours’, and ‘Lucky’. This American knows exactly how to make you feel all comfy and cosy through his music with warm Brazilian influences. In 2017 Mraz spent time on the stage in Broadway, where he performed with artists like Sara Bareilles, a musician he has worked with before. This year he released singles ‘Have It All’ and ‘More Than Friends’, the latter in collaboration with Meghan Trainor.

We hope the new summer album will be as sunny and uplifting as his past work!

3. Interpol – Marauder

Release: August 24

The American band Interpol has been around a while. In 2002 they released their successful debut album Turn On The Bright Lights, and today still the gentlemen can be found suited up on stage. Interpol is not one of those bands that releases a new album every two years. In the 16 years they’ve been active we have merely been given five albums, their sixth currently on the way. It is the successor to El Pintor from 2014.

On August 24th Interpol’s new Marauder will be released. An album with 13 tracks, of which we have been able to listen to ‘The Rover’ since early June. ‘The Rover’ brought us that typical Interpol sound, with sharp guitar riffs and tight drums. This track is part of the reason we look forward to what comes next. But statements from frontman Paul Banks have also piqued curiosity:

“Marauder is a facet of myself. That’s the guy that fucks up friendships and does crazy shit. He taught me a lot, but it’s representative of a persona that’s best left in song. In a way, this album is like giving him a name and putting him to bed.”

Banks added, “This record is where I feel touching on real things that have happened to me are exciting and evocative to write about…. I think in the past, I always felt autobiography was too small a thing for me to reference. I feel like now, I’m able to romanticize parts of my own life.”

A quick look at the tracklist shows ‘Marauder’ as the general theme on the record ‘The Rover’, ‘If You Really Love Nothing’, ‘Party’s Over’, and ‘Complications’ say it all.

The post punk icons are making their comeback on August 24th. We cannot wait.

4. The Kooks – Let’s Go Sunshine

Release: August 31

The Kooks have very much tested our patience. On the last day of the month, they finally release their long-awaited album Let’s Go Sunshine. As always we are expecting fun and uptempo songs that could potentially be the soundtrack of the late summer. The lead singles of the new album sound promising on record as well as live, so with this album on the horizon, we can’t wait for summer to end.

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