10. Congregation, Austin City Limits TV, 2014

We’re starting off with a fairly recent track; Congregration. This track was part of a 2014 Foo Fighters TV documentary on Nashville’s music history, and performed in Austin here.

9. These Days, Live on Letterman, 2011

This all black-and-white act immediately catches the eye. The Foo Fighters have dressed up to match the 60s Beatles trends, and have even set up their decor in a similar way. Still, they have kept their own Foo Fighters rock edge for this performance of These Days.

8. Walk @ Rock am Ring, 2015

In 2015 the Foo Fighters put on an impressive set for a massive Rock am Ring audience. Part of this set was Walk, which was supposedly inspired by Dave Grohl’s daughter learning to walk for the first time.

7. Let There Be Rock @ Rock am Ring, 2015

We’re not leaving German grounds yet, because this version of AC/DC’s Let There Be Rock must be heard first. The band has moved to the second stage to get the audience’s full attention for this insane cover.

6. Wheels @ Hurricane Festival, 2011

At Hurricane Festival, band and audience connected through the song Wheels. This track had its first live debut on Independence Day 2009 at the White House, and, as is shown in this video, has clearly made a lasting impression on the German fans as well.

5. My Hero, 2006

For #5 we turn to one of the band’s most popular songs, My Hero, written for and about “the ordinary hero”. In this performance, the band’s edgy and acoustic sound is backed up by symphonic sounds such as the violin. Aside from My Hero simply being a fantastic ballad, this may be one of the reasons why this performance receives a standing ovation.

4. The Pretender @ Reading & Leeds Festival, 2012

Who would’ve thought a Sesame Street song (‘One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others’) could’ve inspired such a heavy uptempo rock song? It is now by far one of the Foo Fighter’s most popular songs, which explains the audience’s raging enthusiasm.

3. Learn To Fly @ Pinkpop, 2011

“A 100 fucking songs”, so which one to play? Learn to Fly, another one of the Foo Fighter’s biggest hits, is certainly a good option. During this rainy set the audience and the band were given extra special effects with a rainbow in the background. How cool is that!

2. Skin and Bones, 2006

In 2006 the Foo Fighters recorded and released a live album, which gave us two shiny jewels for this Autoplay: #5 My Hero and this #2 Skin and Bones. Though the meaning of this ballad isn’t quite clear, it seems to portray some sort of delicate human frailty – one that is beautifully performed in this acoustic version.

1. Best Of You @ Live Earth, 2007

Best of You had already been a major hit with the main crowd, but this performance reminded the UK how wonderful it really is and soon it once again shot up in the charts. The aggressive rhythms and angry voices in this song perfectly go with the songs main topic; “the refusal to be taken advantage of by something that’s bigger than you”.


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