Last Thursday, We Speak Music hosted the Gorillaz Fan Party in Amsterdam’s iconic music venue Paradiso. And: we had a blast. Let’s take another look at the incredible evening with these 9 photos.

1. The evening took place in Paradiso’s basement, where fans of the best virtual band in the world gathered

2. It all started with a Gorillaz Masterclass

During the We Speak Music Masterclass, fans could learn everything about the ‘fictional’ story of Gorillaz: their¬†backstory.¬†The four Gorillaz cartoon-characters each have their own very interesting (and very weird) story, but it is really hard to understand it all. We Speak Music Masterclass to the rescue! De Masterclass was also streamed on the Facebook page of the Sziget Festival, where Gorillaz will take the stage this August. You can watch it all back here.

3. Afterwards, long time Gorillaz-collaborator Trey Reams told us everything about the band

Trey Reams worked with Gorillaz and Damon Albarn for more than 10 years, and came to tell us everything about the band during the Gorillaz Fan Party. He told us why we should definitely go see Gorillaz live this summer. Who better to tell than a man who has so much experience with the band? Watch it all back here.

4. Fans then participated in a Gorillaz Fan Quiz

By using a unique tool on everybody’s mobile phones, people were able to chose between two options. The question is: who is the biggest Gorillaz fan?

5. The first winners were surprised with the brand new Gorillaz album ‘The Now Now’

6. But the big prize was 2 tickets for the Sziget Festival!

These girls are going to see Gorillaz in Budapest this summer! Apart from Gorillaz, they can also go and take a look at performances by Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, Mumford and Sons and many more.

7. People were able to play the classic Gorillaz games

On vintage computers, fans were able to play the original Gorillaz games which they released during their early 2000 promotion period. That was quite the nostalgic feeling for most of the fans present!

8. Gorillaz is a cartoon band, so..

of course there were some drawing to do!

9. And to conclude, we had a virtual reality experience

Gorillaz released their video for ‘Saturnz Barz’ in virtual reality, so we arranged some virtual reality glasses so everybody could experience that themselves.

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