#10 One Day, Live acoustic version, 2014
 In 2014 Paolo Nutini released his album ‘Caustic Love’. A few of these tracks were also released in a beautiful acoustic version. ‘One Day’ was one of them.

#9 Candy @ Sziget Festival, 2012
 A slightly younger Paolo Nutini can be found at the Sziget Festival in 2012. He picks up his guitar and shows the audience how, even in a burning hot sun, you can still hit all the right notes.

#8 What a Wonderful World @ Live Earth, 2007
We’re looking at an even younger Paolo Nutini in 2007, during Live Earth. He doesn’t keep his inspirations secret; in London he plays Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful Word’. This results in a very pure performance, with his raw voice, a trompet and a guitar as his only instruments.