Sheffield is one of the leading music cities in England. That’s why we want to inform you about one of Sheffield’s most iconic concert venues: the Leadmill. From indie rock concerts to dance parties, there’s always something for you at this place. Learn more about a place you must definitely visit when in Sheffield.


The Leadmill opened its doors in the year 1980 on a street with the same name, Leadmill Road. The opening was a response to the lack of cultural facilities in Sheffield. In the early days, the Leadmill was very keen on encouraging local artists in the music industry. In 1982, when the venue had just been open for 2 years, they organized a festival called “Festival Against Unemployment”. It is one of the best examples of how they promoted local bands.


The venue became bigger and bigger. Whereas the 80s and 90s were dominated by Britpop, during the 00s they had the biggest acts on stage that came from all over the world. Think about the White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, and even Muse and Coldplay, who went on tour together. Now these bands are some of the biggest bands in the world! More recently, the venue has had artists visit like Marina and the Diamonds, Two Door Cinema Club, Skrillex, Bring Me The Horizon, and Tame Impala. The list couldn’t be more diverse!


Present day

It is Sheffield’s longest running live music venue and night club and it is one of the most renowned live music venues that the city has to offer. Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand once told Arcade Fire that playing the Leadmill was seen as a “rite of passage”. A lot of other bands still recall the time that they played the venue and rather play Leadmill, even though they could play much bigger venues instead.

On numerous occasions, the venue has been voted as Sheffield’s best live music venue, so you definitely can’t miss out on a visit to the iconic place.

Visit the Leadmill

If you’re ever looking for fun shows, you should absolutely visit this place. It is positioned in the ideal location. It’s only a five minute walk from the coach station. Do you want to go have drinks afterwards in the city centre? Not a problem at all! Within about 10 minutes you’re near all the great hotspots that Sheffield has to offer!

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