Episode 22 of our Fan Podcast is about Queen. On June 27, Queen will perform with singer Adam Lambert in a sold out Ahoy in Rotterdam. A good reason to talk with fan and Queen expert Edger Hamer. Edger will present the band to you on the basis of three topics: their special bond with the Netherlands, their musical genius and how they are still relevant and popular these days.

In the We Speak Music Fan Podcast, host Micha van Hoorn talks with music fans and guests about their favorite artists or music. Fans have one hour to make a statement why everyone should be a fan of their passion. Hearing fans talk about their idols is an amazing way to discover new musical insights, so sit back and enjoy!

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Queen are a British rockband, formed in 1970 in London. Their original line-up was: Freddie Mercury (Leadvocals, piano), Brian May (Lead guitar, vocals), Roger Taylor (Drums, vocals) en John Deacon (bass). The band is characterized by their musical versatility, arrangements, harmonies and the powerful live performances.

Freddie Mercury was known for his flamboyant appearance on stage and his 4-octave vocal range. On November 22, 1991, there was an official statement in which Mercury said he has AIDS. In the evening of 24 November, Mercury died at the age of 45.

After Mercury’s death, John Deacon withdrew from public life, except for a few gigs. May and Taylor continued to work together. From 2005 to 2008 they performed with the British singer Paul Rodgers. Nowadays they perform with singer Adam Lambert.

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The Fan

Our guest is journalist and Queen-expert Edger Hamer. From a young age Edger is a big fan of the British band. He has always followed Queen throughout the years and in 2008 he decided to write a book about it: ‘For Queen and Fatherland’. In 2016 he published a second book about Queen: ‘Fans will be Friends’.

Clips from the podcast

In the podcast we discuss a number of topics and you’ll hear different fragments passing by. To present the band you’ll hear a piece from one of their most famous songs: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘.

‘Love Of My Life’ is a song from the album A Night At The Opera (1975). Edger brought this clip to show how Freddie conducts the audience. This was a performance from 1986 in the Wembley Stadium.

The second topic we’ve discusses was the sound and the musical genius of Queen. At one point in their career, Queen decided to record music that would fit perfect in a big stadium. For example: ‘We Are The Champions‘.

Because of Freddie’s health, Queen didn’t perform after 1986. Although the public didn’t know about his illness on that moment, the rumors were already circulating. One of Queen’s last music videos was ‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives‘. You can already see a severely emaciated and sick Freddie Mercury.

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