The festival season has kicked off and we all know that post-festival Mondays can be tough. Although your head is still buzzing with every awesome performance of last weekend, you could do with some recovery time. Wake up, relax & reload with these chill songs.

Norah Jones – Sunrise

Like every day, this particular Monday starts with a sunrise. Maybe the sun is already peeking into your tent, which you will have to leave and pack up soon. Wherever you are, wake up softly with this gentle song by Norah Jones describing a lovely morning of sleeping in.

Odessa – Hummed Low

Birds humming, a soft breeze. Odessa’s “Hummed Low” will take you on the long road and is a beautiful song to start your journey home with. Sing me baby home!

Oh Wonder – Drive

This song, it’s title and it’s first line (“set back with the window down”) go well with a relaxed trip home after an awesome festival weekend. It’s slow verses and captivating chorus guarantee that you will continue humming along long after it has stopped playing. Also, check out the beautiful video clip!

Nick Mulvey – Cucurucu

This title may sound like gibberish to you. Well, it is. English singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey explained: “It’s meant to be a noise a child would make. It might relate to a bird sound too.” What we certainly love about this song is the slow buildup and the way it takes you back to beautiful memories.

Ben Howard – Only Love

A playlist full of relaxed songs would not be right without one by Ben Howard. It’s hard to believe this song from his debut album Every Kingdom is almost 7 years old. His third album Noonday Dream was released this month. Add to that an extensive tour, including performances at 8 festivals, and something tells us this won’t be the last we hear of Ben this year.

Angus & Julia Stone – Chateau

Ah, le Chateau Marmont! Chill out with this dreamy folk music by the sibling-duo Angus & Julia Stone. It allows you to revel in that festival summer vibe for just a little while longer: anything is possible and you could go anywhere!

The Lumineers – Flowers In Your Hair

Although this song only lasts for 1 minute and 48 seconds, it’s positive feeling and philosophical lyrics are why it still stands out in this playlist. Enjoy!

Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again

There’s nothing as relaxing as the soft sound of Michael Kiwanuka’s guitar strings in this song. Enter Michael’s soulful and deep voice to perfect it. So just close your eyes, think back to all the beautiful experiences of the past weekend and look forward to your next festival!


The whole playlist can be found below on Spotify!