In 2010, Sylvester Stallone created the ‘Expendables’ franchise, which featured almost every important action hero that’s ever lived, and an overdose on action-based scenes. The 3 movies featured a bluesy, badass soundtrack, presented to you in this top ten.

10. Mississippi Queen – Mountain

‘The Expendables’ movies are all about action- and testosteron-driven scenes, during which a bluesy, guitar packed soundtrack reinforces the rawness of the action. As is shown in this Mountain classic.

9. The Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy

‘The Expendables’ ment the return of some major action heroes from the eighties. The Boys Are Back In Town, and you will notice!

8. I Just Want To Celebrate – Rare Earth

If there’s one thing for certain, it is that a constant smile will cover your face while watching the movies. The humour, in combination with the action, makes these movies extremely entertaining. Putting a happy song like this one on top of a bloody scene is one of the most humouristic effects created by the producers, and works incredibly well.

7. The Wanderer – Dion & The Belmonts

The Expendables aren’t the kind of people you’ll meet in your local Starbuck’s store, they prefer the dark old pubs that have a jukebox in the corner and cold beer in the fridge. They don’t need coffee house music, they prefer the old ones, songs with a feeling to them.

6. Rip It Up – Little Richard

Why leave the pub, when Dion is replaced by Little Richard? Turn up those speakers, and feel the pub come alive!

5. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Ennio Morricone

The action heroes created a lot of movie stereotypes, and they love to play with these stereotypes in the ‘Expendables’ movies. A stand off accompanied by this song wouldn’t work in any other movie, the ‘Expendables’ don’t care and just go for it.

4. Come With Me Now – KONGOS

Remember how we told you that the movie is a perfect combination of action and humour, leaving you with a constant smile? This song covers that feeling, don’t make this hell of a ride stop.

3. Ticking Bomb – Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc sings about the whole world sitting on a ticking bomb. The Expendables are there to save us from some of the many ticking bombs threatening us, the super villains crowding their universe.

2. Born On The Bayou – Creedence Clearwater Revival

CCR + Expendables = a perfect marriage. Just keep on swinging.

1. Old Man – Neil Young

When the Expendables movies were anounced, there were two sides, those who loved the return of their heroes and those who asked questions about the necessity of these old men trying to make money out of their long forgotten glory. It seems easy to determine which side was right. Some legends never die!