10. When It Rains @ Norwegian Wood, 2008

After expressing their fondness of Norway, the band plays this “slow and pretty” song called ‘When It Rains’. It was never released as an official single, but still makes for a nice ballad during concerts.

9. Ignorance

‘Ignorance’ was the first song to be written and released for the 2009 Brand New Eyes album. It gives off that awesome edgy pop punk sound that Paramore is famous for.

8. Feeling Sorry @ AP Sessions, 2010

Paramore singer Hayley Williams always knows how to
entertain and charm the audience. Though her voice here is obviously not in top
condition, she and the band still give away a beautiful acoustic performance of
‘Feeling Sorry’.

7. That’s What You Get @ Radio 1’s Big Weekend, 2011

‘That’s What You Get’ was a big hit among pop rock/punk fans
in 2008. Somehow the band manages to keep on writing songs that are relatable
for a wide audience, which is exactly where the power in this song lies as

6. Brick By Boring Brick @ Jimmy Fallon, 2010

This energiser was a pretty good success off the Brand New
album. It received multiple positive reviews, and was included in a 2010
Vampire Diaries episode. It also did fairly well in several international

5. Misery Business @ GRAMMYs, 2013

This live acoustic performance was done in celebration of
the release of the third album Paramore. ‘Misery Business’, however, is a hit
from the band’s second studio album, and is seen as the band’s breakthrough.

4. Still Into You @ Pinkpop, 2015

Before the release of the self-titled album, the band had
lost two members. Yet this did seem to have much of a negative impact, as the
band became more successful than ever. The 2013 Paramore album was a number one
hit in the US, and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ won the band A Grammy.

3. Decode, Japan, 2009

The ‘Decode’ track became a worldwide success due to its
appearance in the Twilight film – it was in fact written for that film. Critics
have said that it perfectly captures the atmosphere of the film and the
relationships within. Unfortunately the song saw its Grammy go to the Slumdog
Millionaire hit.

2. The Only Exception, Stockholm, 2010

An acoustic performance of one of the band’s best songs, a beautiful,
once again relatable, romantic ballad. This, too, was nominated for a Grammy.
Especially singer Hayley was praised for her outstanding performance with this

1. Last Hope, Chicago, 2014

We’re finishing quite untraditionally with a track that was
never officially released as a single or reached any particular success. This
live performance in Chicago, however, shows a magical moment taken from the
Monumentour in 2014. 


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